Mets Monday Morning GM: 2 reasons to trust David Stearns, 2 reasons to have doubts

How much faith do we have in David Stearns right now?

Pittsburgh Pirates v Milwaukee Brewers
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Doubt David Stearns because it never did result in a championship in Milwaukee

For all of the praise he gets, the Milwaukee Brewers never did win a championship under his guidance. They reached the playoffs multiple times and even came a win away from a trip to the World Series.

Mets fans don’t agree on much. A shared thought is how necessary it is for them to win a World Series at some point in the near future. Steve Cohen’s timeline has already been adjusted. Stearns is supposed to be the answer to lead this ball club. Exactly why will things be any different in New York than it was out in Wisconsin?

Hamstrung by a much tighter budget in Milwaukee, it’s an easy excuse as to why the Brewers were never able to go over the top and win. This shouldn’t be the situation in New York. Stearns’ baseball intelligence is backed by a wallet that will remain open as long as he spends responsibly.

In a limited capacity, we can almost compare Stearns to Buck Showalter. A well-respected manager who came to the Mets with a lot of hype, he did so without ever actually winning a World Series. He failed to secure one in two chances with the Mets. Stearns could just as easily continue to come close and fall short just as the ex-Mets skipper did often in his managerial career.