Mets Monday Morning GM: 2 reasons to trust David Stearns, 2 reasons to have doubts

How much faith do we have in David Stearns right now?
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We knew the David Stearns hire would change the way the New York Mets operate. Did we think it would be this much different?

So far, the offseason has been underwhelming. It’s a near-universally shared thought across the league. An atomic dud at the MLB Winter Meetings outside of the trade the crosstown rival New York Yankees made, nobody should hit the panic button on the Mets quite yet.

Still, if you have some doubts about Stearns beginning to dance around your head like sugar plum fairies, you’re not alone. The prosecution has yet to even decide if they’ll take Stearns to trial for what he does this offseason. For these two reasons fans should continue to trust Stearns. Meanwhile, these other two are legitimate reasons to have some doubts.

Trust David Stearns because this is more than a one year process

Stearns will get a pass this season. It’s almost built in. He gets a mulligan thrown at whatever the end result may be. Those strong believers of his may sway if the Mets become a total disaster. Moves like trading away or not keeping Pete Alonso at all will completely change the tides of how many feel about the front office star.

Call it a bit of blind faith in Stearns and his reputation as a strong baseball mind. This is more than a one year process. Only a part of trust is earned. The rest is based on reputation.

In order for Stearns to earn the trust, we’ll need to give him a year to figure it all out. He hasn’t made any moves that’ll get in the way. The Mets are in a state of holding steady while making maneuvers to try and improve the ball club without it affecting them much beyond 2024.

Stearns has the benefit of the doubt this year. How many more will fans accept it?