NY Mets News: Peter Gammons makes his pick for the manager job

A whole generation grew up watching Peter Gammons on ESPN. Late summer nights watching recaps and analysis made those days enjoyable in the pre-internet days. Gammons, whose opinions aren’t always the most obvious, threw out a couple of names for the New York Mets to hire this offseason.

Along with Brian Sabean and Ron Washington, Gammons threw out Walt Weiss as the next manager of the Mets.

I don’t have much to comment on regarding Sabean or Washington. Their role with the Mets, as proposed by Gammons, is above my paygrade. Managers are easier to understand. As much as it doesn’t really matter if those above or below him on the totem below aren’t the right people, the Mets still need to hire the right guy to manage the club in 2022.

Is Walt Weiss the right man to manage the Mets?

Weiss does not have a good track record as a manager. From 2013-2016, he was the guy calling the shots for the Colorado Rockies from the dugout. His 75-win season in 2016 was actually the best year he had as a skipper. He would finish with a 283-365 record for a winning percentage of just .437.

One bad stint as a manager shouldn’t remove the ability for Weiss to get the job all over again. Those Rockies teams weren’t bad just because he was the manager.

For the last several years, Weiss has been the bench coach for the Atlanta Braves. He has been far more successful there although the contributions from a bench coach tend to vary. How much is he really factoring into the team’s success?

Beyond just what he can provide the Mets from the bench, Weiss has a connection to New York. He was born in Tuxedo and attended Suffern High School. It would be a bit of a homecoming for him if he did indeed land the manager gig.

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In the sea of potential managerial candidates for the Mets to look at, Weiss is one of many with questions. No favorites have emerged just yet with the focus going toward hiring a President of Baseball Operations. Weiss’ priority right now is to help the Braves take down the Milwaukee Brewers in the NLDS. The urgency to hire the next manager isn’t quite there for the Mets. You want to get it right, not right now.