NY Mets prospect Alex Ramirez is giving fans hope for the future

The New York Mets have several top prospects in their farm system, the most notable being catcher Francisco Alvarez. However, numerous other prospects in the Mets system are showcasing their potential this season, including some even the most ardent Mets fans do not know about.

One of these players is Alex Ramirez, an outfielder in the team’s organization who is currently playing for the St. Lucie Mets. Described as possessing raw talent, according to one scout quoted by Yahoo Sports, Ramirez does not rank among the top prospects in the team’s organization. In fact, he would be considered more of an afterthought, an unheralded prospect who is merely a small goldfish in a big pond.

The New York Mets Alex Ramirez is giving fans another reason to look forward to the future of the team.

However, Ramirez is showing signs this year that are encouraging and may convince the Mets to invest more into his development. Particularly, Ramirez has had a great August after having a roller coaster-esque season. Batting .278 with a .333 OBP, Ramirez is showing some growth at the plate. A thin player, Ramirez was seen as a player with a weak bat, which in today’s game is a major red flag, given the league’s shift to focusing on power-hitting statistics like launch angles. However, in the month of August, he has hit three home runs (one more than his season total of two) and has begun to hit the ball to the opposite field at a more frequent rate.

Apart from his bat, Ramirez is continuing to build on his strengths, one of which is speed. When he was first scouted, Ramirez ran 60 yards in 6.34 seconds, making him a perfect fit for center field. For the St. Lucie Mets, Ramirez is also receiving opportunities to play the corner outfield spots, particularly right field, in order to get reps at multiple positions and build his value to the organization.

There is a reason why the Mets gave Ramirez the third-highest international signing bonus in team history behind two of the team’s top prospects, Francisco Alvarez and Ronny Mauricio. He has shown flashes that he could develop into the team’s starting center fielder several years from now. However, it is important to keep in mind that Ramirez is only 18. He will continue to get better, and he has a long way to go before he will be ready to get called up. Ramirez will need to continue to improve his hitting. He will need to decrease his strikeout rate (32.5%) and gaining more muscle to tack onto his 175-pound frame won’t be a bad idea either.

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However, building a club for long-term success requires that a farm system is adequately stocked with talented players showcasing their potential and getting better. Alex Ramirez is a reminder that the Mets have some solid young, foundational pieces developing in the minor leagues even if fans may not see the investment bear fruit until years later.