NY Mets Monday Morning GM: Trading Tylor Megill is a dangerous game

I get it. Trading Tylor Megill now while he’s pitching well and seems to be exceeding expectations makes a lot of sense for the New York Mets. It’s the reason why he’s appearing in just about every trade suggestions SNY puts together. His stock is high and capitalizing on what might simply be an other-worldly year for the rookie makes total sense.

There’s a problem. Trading Megill stales away one more arm from the Mets. Down plenty of starting pitchers this year, moving on from Megill in exchange for anything else short of an absolute steal of a deal handicaps the Mets rotation yet again.

To put it another and simpler way: it’s a dangerous game and I don’t want to play it.

Knock it off with the Mets trade proposals involving Tylor Megill!

I like Megill but I’m not yet “in like” with him. In almost any other situation it would greatly benefit the club to dangle him out there and see which teams bite before the trade deadline. The organization has enough pitching depth to get through 2021—but only if they were able to somehow turn off the “injury mode” version of this game.

This is real life. They can’t.

In my opinion, Megill is already unlikely to finish out the year on the Mets roster even if they had room in the rotation. Those pesky innings limits will catch up at some point. Running him into the ground, regardless of their future intentions with him, would be foolish. If the team isn’t letting its veteran starters go 100 pitches a night, there’s no chance Megill’s arm falls off starting a game in late September.

Given this, it’s another point toward simply trading him and focusing on this year.

But how secure are we with the rotation and even the bullpen?

The pitching depth has been exhausted. In the interim, the team is chugging along with Megill as one of their most reliable starting pitchers. Games count just as much now as they will in the final week of the year so let’s not punt any away.

Adding Rich Hill does help the team make Megill a few inches more expendable. But what happens when he gets hurt and the club has nowhere to turn?

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The trade deadline season can bring out the best and worst of us all with our takes on the team. Trading Megill, as far from an untouchable as he may be, just doesn’t make sense to me at the moment.