NY Mets News: J.D. Davis nowhere near ready to return, looking at a lost season

If I told you it was early June and J.D. Davis was hitting .390, you might be preparing your best MVP chant for the next game you attend at Citi Field. When I add in that he has played only 14 games this year for the New York Mets, you’re probably going to quiet your voice.

Davis, currently sidelined with a hand injury, is, unfortunately, no closer to returning to the Mets lineup. Originally thought to be well on the mend through the early stages of his rehab assignment, Davis is unlikely to suit up for the Mets again anytime soon.

As a result, Davis is staring down the barrel of a possible lost season.

J.D. Davis needed a good year in 2021 to secure a spot on the Mets for 2022

Davis entered this season as one of the more questionable members of the Mets roster. Position-less and the lone player on the team that went to arbitration, he has long been thought of as a trade chip for the Mets.

Davis ended up beginning this season as the starting third baseman for New York, only to suffer two early-season injuries. The first only cost him a small number of games in early April. The latest removed him from all action in May outside of one game.

By the time we know it, Davis may also miss a good portion of June. That’s if we’re lucky.

Missing out on an opportunity this year to prove the 2020 struggles were behind him, Davis is once again a questionable piece to the puzzle for next year. It has nothing to do with his injury. This doesn’t seem to be anything chronic that may hamper the rest of his career.

Instead, Davis’ future with the Mets could be in jeopardy because of a lack of patience. This year was his opportunity to prove to the new front office regime that third base belonged to him. Unfortunately, the more time he misses, the more likely it is the Mets could go in another direction this offseason.

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The 2021 MLB season has been one featuring an abundance of injuries. The Mets know this better than anyone. Davis is just one of many to land on the IL. His case is a little different as far as how it may affect the future. Viewed as he is, a lost year in 2021 could be his ticket out of town and the start of a search for a third base upgrade.