New York Mets fans need this ‘Hello Neighbors’ Lindor bobblehead


Good morning, my neighbors! Francisco Lindor is the newest star of the New York Mets, and fans need to check out this brand new bobblehead. 

Two New York favorites. Welcome To America and New York Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor. Well, FOCO managed to combine the two into one amazingly cool thematic bobblehead.

It is a limited-edition item (just 1,021 of them are being produced) that sits on a thematic base and stands nine inches tall.

It’s hand-painted and handcrafted, so you don’t have to worry about it looking great when on display.

Check it out below.


Let your fandom glow and make sure everyone knows you’re a fan of the Mets of New York by adding this Francisco Lindor New York Mets Good Morning, Neighbor Bobblehead to your lineup!

This bobblehead ships no later than June 9. You can get your order in now for $50. Below, you can find additional details.

  • Portrays Lindor posing in a retro blue and orange jacket, repping the team in style
  • Jacket features thematic New York button pins to celebrate his new city
  • Brick-textured balcony backdrop with team-colored Queens, New York graffiti display, because he’s the king of Queens
  • New York street display with GOOD MORNING, NEIGHBORS! text display, the perfect way to start the day
  • Team logo display on front of base, in case there were any doubts where your allegiances lie
  • Front name display so everyone knows who the face of your franchise is
  • Handcrafted
  • Hand painted
  • Approximately nine inches tall
  • Individually numbered to 1,021

Don’t wait. FOCO expects this to be one of their biggest releases ever. So act fast if you want one. 

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