Mets: Noah Syndergaard Twitter trolls Trevor Bauer, our new Chase Utley

When Trevor Bauer made his decision to sign with the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 11th hour this winter, it came with the inevitable backlash of New York Mets fans.

Between a misinformed report by Bob Nightengale and Bauer’s website selling Mets merchandise, there was no love lost between the fanbase and Bauer.

The already bitter relationship between Mets fans and Bauer came to a head last night when fan-favorite Noah Syndergaard, who gained instant fame due to his Twitter account, took a jab and the Dodger right-hander. What ensued has only furthered the rivalry that formulated when Bauer chose L.A.

With a back and forth exchange of social media jabs, the New York Mets have renewed their rivalry with the Los Angeles Dodgers and found their new Chase Utley in Trevor Bauer

The initial tweet from Syndergaard took a jab at Bauer’s apology to Mets fans after he inked his contract on the West Coast:

Bauer, also known, although more infamously, for his activity on Twitter responded with a coy remark and then doubled down with screenshots of Noah’s past exchanges with fans on Instagram:

Bauer’s digging up of Syndergaard’s interactions on social media seems ironic considering much controversy has surrounded the highest-paid player in the sport who owns a career ERA of nearly four. Unfortunately for Bauer, Noah’s made a name for himself on Twitter for his quick-witted responses, which he discovered for himself first hand:

This final tweet from Noah seemed to be the nail in the coffin for Bauer.

Mets fans were quick to note that Bauer’s Twitter fingers had all but cemented his place as public enemy number one in Flushing. The kind of contempt that #MetsTwitter showed to Bauer last night is reminiscent of the way Chase Utley was scorned after his infamous slide into second base, which effectively ended Ruben Tejada’s season with a broken leg. Obviously, Utley had a history with the Mets being part of the Phillies during the heat of the rivalry between the two teams.

However, while many had opinions about the social media exchange between the two pitchers, it certainly added an entertaining element to the season that hasn’t existed in quite some time. For the better part of a decade, if you exclude 2015 and 2016, the Mets haven’t been good enough on the field to even have some semblance of a rivalry. However, with the revamped Mets roster, lofty expectations that come with the richest owner in sports, and last night’s jocular warring of the keyboards, the table is set for what could be fireworks in August.

The Dodgers and Mets are set to meet at Citi Field on August 13th for a three game series. Syndergaard has been known to make his presence known on the mound in the form of intimidation. You might remember that his famous “sixty feet, six inches” comment directed at the Kansas City Royals came after the flamethrower hurled a fastball over the head of Alcides Escobar.

Syndergaard also was ejected from a game against the Dodgers for throwing behind Chase Utley. The rift brought us one of the greatest quotes in Mets fandom from Terry Collins. We’ve all seen the clip, but because it never gets old, here ya go:

Considering that Syndergaard has never shied away from a confrontation, but has rather embraced them and remembering that the DH won’t be in the National League this year, we should expect some fireworks when the two teams meet each other over the summer.

The Mets have the talent, the expectations, the buzz, and now, it seems, they finally have their new Chase Utley: Trevor Bauer.

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