Mets fans unhappy with how this offseason has gone will never be satisfied

Can you believe there are New York Mets fans unhappy with how the offseason has gone?

Even after everything they added, there are some members of the Flushing Faithful feeling dissatisfied with how the offseason has gone.

Arguing with them is a futile gesture. Mets fans feeling like this offseason hasn’t gone well are the same ones who live in perpetual misery. Even if they got everything they wanted for Christmas, they’re the kind of child that would cry because they didn’t get to open up the best present first.

There’s no satisfying some Mets fans

To a degree, I understand why some Mets fans may feel underwhelmed. The team didn’t spend wildly in free agency. Instead, their big swing came via trade.

The Mets did, however, improve several areas of the roster. Their depth is enviable. For the first time in a while, their backups have backups.

Far from perfect, the Mets addressed more needs than they typically have in the past. The team may still have weaknesses but there’s little doubt they got a whole lot better since the end of the 2020 campaign.

Blame it on a lifetime of Mets misery

Unless you’re in your 40s, you probably don’t remember the Mets winning a World Series. It’s pretty sad. A whole generation of followers thinks of the 2015 team as the best in their lifetime. Youngsters don’t even recall what the team did in 2000.

Expectations under Steve Cohen were impossible to meet. The belief that they would swoop in and sign all of the top free agents was never realistic. I think it’s fair to feel a little upset that the team didn’t land one. When considering what they did manage to accomplish, it’s a little easier to “get over it.”

Too many Mets fans are used to losing in the offseason. How anyone could utter the phrase “same old Mets” yet again this winter is beyond me. The front office is operating smarter. This means not overpaying for everyone available even at the cost of missing out on some star players.

Sports fandom is a personal relationship we have with our favorite teams. Some can accept the good and feel optimistic—sometimes a little too much.

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Meanwhile, others are impossible to make happy. Misery loves company and they can’t wait to get back to Citi Field this year, fill up a section with their pessimistic friends in the upper deck, and brag about how right they were when the Mets do go on a losing streak.