Mets might not sign Trevor Bauer or George Springer and that’s okay

I may be speaking too soon. If I am, the worst thing that can happen is the New York Mets do actually complete deals with two of the biggest remaining free agents.

It doesn’t feel like the Mets will pursue Trevor Bauer or George Springer. Heading into this offseason, it felt as if they would come away with a poor grade if they failed to land at least one of them. We can even add J.T. Realmuto into the mix. With James McCann behind the plate, they have already moved on from him.

Bauer and Springer, however, remain fits for the orange and blue. The team has yet to address center field and could use another pitcher. But who couldn’t?

Although the Mets could surprise us, their interest seems to be adding depth at each position and not just focused on finalizing a deal with a superstar.

Trevor Bauer is no longer a must for the Mets

Adding Carlos Carrasco to the roster helped give the Mets the veteran starter they were looking for. Even if his best days may be in the past, there’s no denying how much his presence helps this team.

Bauer is coming off of a career year where he won the National League Cy Young. Full of star power, the cost to land him would probably get in the way of other endeavors the team had planned—such as extending multiple upcoming free agents.

Instead of Bauer, it feels as if the team may go with a second-tier free agent starter such as Jake Odorizzi. It’s not glamorous. However, after acquiring Francisco Lindor, plans have changed.

Mets could still use George Springer

Springer feels like a bigger need for the Mets—but not exactly. A few other factors are at play. Will there be a DH in the NL next year? If so, bring him in! If not, we have a dilemma.

Signing Springer is a short-term move to help this club win. He won’t be in center field long. And while he can contribute from a corner outfield spot once he’s no longer a quality defensive player in center field, it means the Mets will have to start tearing things apart further.

There’s no question the Mets will add a center fielder of some capacity before Opening Day. My sense tells me it won’t be Springer.

What’s left for the Mets to do?

The Mets have a few more things to do before the season begins. Sign Brad Hand, add a veteran starter, and find their center fielder or at least a guy who looks like a stud out there with the glove.

The Mets have more than enough offense to compete. The rotation looks improved and will only get better when Noah Syndergaard returns mid-year.

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Blockbuster moves may be over for Steve Cohen and Company this winter. Helpful additions, on the other hand, should continue until last call.