Mets fans should take these 2021 New Year’s resolutions to heart

Feb 14, 2018; Port St. Lucie, FL, USA; A general view of a New York Mets hat and glove on the grass during a workout at First Data Field. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
Feb 14, 2018; Port St. Lucie, FL, USA; A general view of a New York Mets hat and glove on the grass during a workout at First Data Field. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports /

New year. New you. New York Mets fans should take these New Year’s resolutions to heart in the coming 365 days.

There’s no denying it. 2020 was a horrible year in so many regards. We all know what the main reason was, so there’s no sense in rehashing it. But there were also glimmers and even large bursts of hope. The biggest one for the New York Mets was seeing the team change hands in terms of ownership.

Now it’s time to take that optimism and see how we can take that optimism and put it to good use as we watch the ‘21 Mets take the field. But it’s always a good idea to stay focused on how to channel it. Otherwise, everything can fade into the background and things don’t change at all.

So… if you’re inclined to write down some goals, then let’s start off with these.

Patience, Mets Fans, Patience

Yes, it would have been wonderful if the team had taken its new riches and filled the holiday stockings with top-shelf players that would instantly guarantee a World Series contender. “Darn it.. we DESERVE that after the Wilpons,” fans may grumble. Still, there are signs that the team is definitely headed back in the right direction. They brought along Jared Porter, who looks to be a good team architect with a penchant for working with winning rosters.

Impatience may be a hallmark of New Yorkers, but this is a time to actually take a step back and watch the process unfold. The team is a lot more open in how things are unfolding as opposed to the previous regime. It should be fun to see how the Minors are restocked into a system that can provide a pipeline of young talent for many years to come. This is a time to savor the process. Also, we get to watch Jacob deGrom pitch every fifth day. C’mon…

Don’t Run Steve Cohen off Twitter

Yes, the new owner of the Mets has taken to social media as a way to connect with the fan base. It’s wonderful that he has already set up a ‘suggestion box’ of sorts that the team faithful can use to offer up ways to improve the roster and improve the overall game experience.  Cohen has even communicated with one fan about how Citi would be a great place for a wedding.

But there can be people on there in that group that is known as “Mets Twitter” that take things too far. They may badger and demand answers from Cohen. Past members of the team, both players and front office, have felt the intrusive barrage of Tweets. It may make them feel less willing to communicate. They may be a lot more heavy-handed with the block button. While they are willingly in the public eye, there should be expectations of decency, too.

We’re very early in the honeymoon phase with this new person at the helm. But there are already rumblings that things are not moving fast enough. “Why is Trevor Bauer not here?” “Where’s George Springer?” Take a look again at the first resolution and breathe it in. Patience. Things are just getting started.

It’s not just Cohen, either, that the fan base should respect when it comes to social media communication. Players like Marcus Stroman put themselves out there. There may be frustrations during the season. Do not use that as an excuse to treat them less than the humans they are. Otherwise, we may find the wall of silence is back.

Stay Positive

The Mets are not starting a mad sprint now. This is a long-distance marathon in terms of both a regular season and the next three-to-five years. Things are not going to happen immediately. There will be setbacks and lulls. Take a deep breath and resolve to keep the faith each and every day. Uncle Steve wants the Mets to win. So do we. Stay true to that mantra and things will look up.

Does that mean that we can’t briefly get frustrated or vent our annoyance? I vent all the time. Of course not. It just means that we need to keep things in perspective over the course of what is going to be very interesting times in the life of this franchise. Will the Mets pull off a big turnaround in the standings? Can they resume the big rivalry with the Braves? Is the postseason within grasp? 2021 is heralding a new year… but things don’t happen immediately.

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Feel free to add your own resolutions in the comments. I’m certainly going to be revisiting my list over the course of the season. Then before we know it, we’ll be coming up with New Year’s resolutions for the 2022 Mets season.