Mets Rumors: Competition for starting pitchers emerging

From the most recent New York Mets rumors and rumblings comes some information as to who their biggest competition for starting pitching may be this winter.

The latest round of New York Mets rumors won’t bring too much excitement to the faces of fans, but it does give some insight into the competition the club faces this winter for pitchers like Trevor Bauer. According to Mark Feinsand, there are a handful of teams expected to be most active in the starting pitcher market—both in free agency and via trade.

Along with our beloved Mets, Feinsand lists the Toronto Blue Jays, Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox, San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants, and Tampa Bay Rays. He also gave an honorable mention to the Minnesota Twins, Miami Marlins, and Cincinnati Reds. It would appear those three are possible low-key moves that could jump on rebound candidates.

Mets rumors are beginning to hit the internet waves. On the first of December, it only took a few hours for the Trevor May rumors to turn into truth.

Mets rumors involving starting pitchers are a little different. Often one of the most desired positions because every team needs five of them, at least we now have a little more of a picture as to who Steve Cohen will need to outbid.

It’s an interesting crop of teams fighting against the Mets. All are either smaller market or coming off of down years—Mets included.

There are no New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, or Philadelphia Phillies on this list. Unless one of the teams mentioned emerges as major spenders, the Mets should be able to put in a valiant effort for any of the free agent pitchers they want.

The May signing appears to be just the beginning of what the Mets are planning. Also on the agenda for this club is at least a catcher and possibly one other big bat like George Springer.

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The Mets could conceivably do nothing with their starting rotation. But that wouldn’t be very exciting or put the team in a serious position to win. They need a little more talent behind Jacob deGrom. It would seem from these newest Mets rumors they will at least give it a try.