Mets News: Jim Duquette shares three blockbuster trade ideas

Former New York Mets General Manager Jim Duquette shared with the SNY crew three blockbuster trade ideas for the New York Mets to land Kris Bryant, Nolan Arenado, or Francisco Lindor.

After a long week, it takes a lot to catch my eye on Friday night. Unless it’s an interesting episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved or some sort of trashy reality show my wife found on Hulu, I’m usually not interested at the end of the week. Fortunately, I did come across something relating to the New York Mets over on Twitter.

SNY shared a video that included former big league general manager Jim Duquette discussing three possible blockbuster trades the Mets could make this winter. The players the Mets could land were no shock. They included Kris Bryant, Nolan Arenado, and Francisco Lindor.

What did surprise me was how little he seems to believe the Mets would need to give up to land any of the three.

The first trade proposal involving Bryant would cost them a shortstop they don’t need plus one of the most exciting prospects the club has in the minor leagues, Francisco Alvarez. The young catching prospect is someone I would like to hold onto, but for the chance at Bryant, it’s worth pondering.

Along with Alvarez, the Mets would give up Andres Gimenez or Amed Rosario. It’s a fair price to pay for one of the league’s best third basemen.

Of course, as with any of the trades mentioned here, it would require the Mets to extend Bryant almost immediately. Otherwise, why not wait and see if he reaches free agency?

Duquette’s second trade proposal is a little more must-do in my opinion. This one brings them Arenado at a reasonably fair price.

To land the star Colorado Rockies third baseman, Duquette proposed the Mets send them Jeurys Familia, J.D. Davis, and Brett Baty. Just to move on from Familia seems worth it.

While I have learned to love Davis and I’m curious what Baty will become, I think I would do this deal in a heartbeat. Arenado does have an opt-out coming up in his contract. However, with Steve Cohen’s money out there in the open, I think a renegotiation of his contract could keep him in Flushing a little longer than expected.

Finally, there’s the proposal for Lindor. Quite possibly the most realistic trade option for the Mets because of how urgent the Cleveland Indians feel they need to make the trade, this trade does the most damage to the big league roster.

The Indians would receive Brandon Nimmo or J.D. Davis, Andres Gimenez or Amed Rosario, and a prospect. The two prospects Duquette offered up were pitchers Thomas Szapucki and Josh Wolf.

I believe this Lindor deal is pretty realistic to what Cleveland would want. They get two capable big leaguers plus a minor league arm. Would I pull the trigger? I think I would.

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The Mets haven’t done anything exciting yet this offseason other than boot the Wilpons from the owner’s office. Will they make a blockbuster trade like the ones Duquette discussed? It seems like we’ll flirt with the idea all winter long.