Mets News: Francisco Lindor trade proposal on social media has fans divided

Social media had some fun with a New York Mets trade proposal involving Francisco Lindor. Which side do you fall on?

A trade proposal found on Twitter that originated on Facebook which in my opinion came from the mind of a madman got New York Mets fans talking a lot this past week.

This trade would send Cleveland Indians star shortstop Francisco Lindor to the Mets in exchange for a package of Amed Rosario, J.D. Davis, and Brett Baty. Fans aren’t too torn as to whether or not they like this deal. They either really love it or feel a little sick inside thinking about the deal.

This isn’t an actual rumor or anything more than a fan having fun. It is, however, a somewhat realistic deal we could expect the two clubs to make with maybe some minor adjustments.

Personally, I would make one minor tweak to the trade. I would not give up a prospect of Baty’s ability. A lesser prospect might convince me to pull the trigger given one more factor: Lindor signs an extension that same day.

The deal can work for the Mets for several reasons. Lindor immediately replaces Rosario and vice versa. Davis is the big bat the Indians land. They can stash him in left field and immediately upgrade at the position offensively.

For years, their franchise hasn’t gotten much at the plate from their outfielders. Davis can help fix this.

Following this trade, the Mets can permanently place Jeff McNeil in left field and then begin their search for a third baseman. Andres Gimenez is one possibility although I would rather see the Mets use his defense up the middle. Moving Robinson Cano to the hot corner is one possibility, but not one I think the Mets would make nor should they toy with.

Alternatively, the Mets can allow McNeil to play third base and place either Dominic Smith or Brandon Nimmo in left field. If it’s Nimmo, they need to sign George Springer this offseason. Otherwise, this team is going to continue playing too many guys out of position.

The trade works out for the Mets in some regards. In others, it’s a potential waste of assets. If the Mets are going to make any major trade with two of their top trade candidates and the 2019 first-round draft pick, I want them to land a starting pitcher—not a shortstop nearing free agency.

Shortstop isn’t a need for the Mets. Preferably, any blockbuster deal they make should land them a starting pitcher. The lack of starters in 2020 was their downfall. They won’t be able to correct this merely by signing free agents either. There aren’t enough good ones to make that happen.

Lindor is a great player. He’s also not what the Mets need at the moment.

Waiting for Lindor to reach free agency wouldn’t be wise either. Teams that were hoping to do so with Mookie Betts this winter were sorely disappointed to see him sign an extension with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The same thing could happen with Lindor.

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Mets fans will mostly agree that the originally proposed deal is worth it only if Lindor is extended. Steve Cohen’s money would need to get to work fast to avoid some panic from the fans worried the club just gave away too much for a rental.