Mets: Three Yankees free agents for the Mets to consider

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DJ LeMahieu would be a great addition to the New York Mets this winter. Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

In their search for a better 2021 roster, the New York Mets could look at a few members of the 2020 New York Yankees for help.

A storyline I’m looking forward to seeing this winter involving the New York Mets is how their actions are related to what the New York Yankees do. Both teams should have active offseasons. For the Mets, this could mean signing some former Yankees to free agent contracts.

The Yankees have their own big decisions to make this winter—even ones not involving their free agents. However, with the improbability of the Mets and Yankees making any major trade, the only way I see a player going from The Bronx to Flushing is via free agency.

It has happened plenty of times even in recent years. Just last winter, Dellin Betances went from being a career-Yankee to signing with the Mets. Which members of the 2020 Yankees could follow his path and end up with the Mets?

DJ LeMahieu

How the heck does DJ LeMahieu fit in with the Mets? It’s something a lot of people will say whenever the idea of signing LeMahieu is brought up.

Finding a way to get the 2020 AL leader in batting and OBP is actually simple. The Mets are a single trade away from making it happen. The bad news is this means moving on from J.D. Davis—the guy the Mets would likely go with as their starting third baseman next year.

With Davis out of the picture, LeMahieu becomes the full-time third baseman in Flushing. And like that, any question about how is done.

LeMahieu has been fantastic in his two seasons with the Yankees. You probably already know that. You’ve either listened to New York radio or have an obnoxious coworker that praises LeMahieu weekly while mispronouncing his name.

Whatever it is, LeMahieu is a free agent the Mets should definitely think about despite the unlikeliness of it all.

LeMahieu is coming off of two stellar years with the Yankees and a deal that paid him $24 million across two seasons. At age 32 next season, he can still earn a nice payday in free agency.

Will the Mets finally do what they should have done two years ago and sign LeMahieu? Or will they end up with a deal with whoever the next Jed Lowrie is?

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