Mets Rumors: J.T. Realmuto reportedly looking for $200 million of Steve Cohen’s money

The time has come to watch for offseason New York Mets rumors. One piece of news relating to the club is how much money J.T. Realmuto expects to get.

New York Mets rumors season has returned. With the playoffs underway, we turn our heads toward the offseason when Mets rumors can become reality. While nothing is getting whispered too loudly, there is some news relating to J.T. Realmuto worth covering.

When I find $20 on the ground, it makes my day. What happens when future Mets owner Steve Cohen does the same thing? My guess is he steps right over the filthy bill. The same may not happen if he sees $200 million lying in a puddle on the asphalt outside of Citi Field.

What does this have to do with Realmuto? The star catcher is reportedly looking for a $200 million deal this offseason.

A 30-year-old catcher already comes with some risk. Add in the fact that Realmuto wasn’t his healthiest this past season, a $200 million deal feels even more hair-raising.

It’s not that we don’t want Realmuto on the Mets. We also don’t think Cohen would hesitate to give the greenlight to sign the best players. It’s just jaw-dropping to see such a high number for a player at his age playing a position where you get beat up a dozen times each day.

Although this doesn’t fall directly into the category of Mets rumors, it definitely matters to this organization.

Realmuto is one of the best players available this winter and should be a top target for the New York Cohens.

You probably already know enough about Realmuto to understand why such an extreme asking price is plausible. He’s the best in the league at a position without all that much talent. He can practically ask for whatever he wants. At worst, he gets less.

Someone is going to pay Realmuto a lot of money this winter. Will it be the Mets? If someone is going to spend some stupid money on him, Cohen might be it.

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As we get closer to November, we’ll all need to pay close attention to the latest Mets rumors. All eyes and ears will be on Realmuto and whether or not he’s able to snatch up $200K of Steve Cohen’s money.