New York Mets infield is far too crowded for Todd Frazier

Todd Frazier is returning to the New York Mets but why?

When third baseman Todd Frazier elected free agency this past October, New York Mets fans were nostalgic as the New Jersey native has been a member of New York sports since 2017.

Yet they weren’t exactly sad to see him go due to the slightly sub-par performance he displayed in queens.

Now that the trade deadline has come and gone, the Mets offices decided to do the most Mets thing they could, and resign the thirty-four-year-old who has been hitting in the mid to low .200s for the past four years.

Even with nostalgia taken into account, there is no room for a veteran like Frazier on the Mets. Especially with the ability to put Jeff McNeil, J.D. Davis, or Andres Gimenez at third base all of which benefit the team more to have on the field.

The Mets already have seven active infielders, not including Davis who plays both infield and outfield. So where would there be room for Fraizer in an already crowded infield?

One may be able to make the argument that Fraizer could be used as a DH.

But Frazier who has had two home runs and seven RBI with a .322 OBP would not be my first choice especially with Cano who has been excelling in the DH spot.

The team’s issues this season have not stemmed from an inability to hit, there is hitting depth within the team, yet they’re unable to produce. Every player in the Mets infield has better batting statistics than Frazier besides Wilson Ramos.

Despite this, the team is unable to translate the hits to runs with players in scoring position. Adding Fraizer to the lineup will not aid this if only hinder it as Frazier only has seven RBI and GO/AO 56 percent of the time.

Brodie Van Wagenen never ceases to surprise people as he continues to gut the Mets Farm system for players like Frazier who was acquired right before the trade deadline for LHP Kevin Smith ( and two unnamed players) alongside Miguel Castro and Robinson Chirinos.

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With talks of the team being sold in the later stages with reports saying that Steve Cohen is the likely new owner, hopefully, there will be some recon in the upcoming months with the possibility of some new staff in the Mets offices.