Mets ace Jacob deGrom has the worst talent to luck ratio in the league

New York Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom has all of the talent and none of the luck.

Here’s a statistic you’ve never heard before: talent to luck ratio. It measures the amount of talent a professional baseball has and compares it to his luck. New York Mets ace Jacob deGrom happens to have the lowest total in this completely fabricated number—at least that’s what the numbers would say if it was actually a real statistic.

I can’t think of anyone who could be more frustrated with his teammates than deGrom. Over the past two seasons, the Mets’ star pitcher has won a pair of Cy Young Awards all the while getting little run-support and watching countless games slip away due to a bad bullpen.

Wouldn’t you know, through two starts in 2020, the same has happened.

On Opening Day, deGrom didn’t get any help from his teammates. The team did win thanks to a solo shot by Yoenis Cespedes. Unfortunately, deGrom wasn’t on the mound when the team finally put up its first run.

In his second start, deGrom left the game with a 3-2 lead after six innings. This time, it was the bullpen that let him down. Seth Lugo allowed a run to tie the game and Justin Wilson let three cross home.

It wouldn’t be Mets baseball without starts like these from deGrom. We’ll only see him a limited number of times in 2020. Sadly, it doesn’t look like much has changed for his talent to luck ratio.

Wins in baseball have become decreasingly important to pitchers. Because it requires five innings to even be eligible and pitchers are often held to tight pitch counts and innings limits, there are plenty of times when a guy may exit the game prematurely and come away with a no-decision.

This isn’t really the case with deGrom. He’s one of the better innings eaters in baseball and yet he still becomes the victim of his own team’s ineptitude.

Unfortunately for deGrom, he won’t get a chance to help out his own cause in 2020. The DH is here and with it comes zero at-bats for the star pitcher. He’ll need to rely on a little help from his friends to shrink the talent to luck ratio on the back of his baseball card.

It’s unbelievable to realize deGrom has won only 21 games over the past two seasons. A pitcher with a little more luck and even less talent could come away with twice as many.

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Among all of the storylines I had hoped to see disappear in 2020, it’s this lack of love from his teammates on the field I most want to see go away.