Mets are in extraordinary shape if MLB rosters expand further in 2020

Major League Baseball rosters could have more than 26 men in 2020. Fortunately, the New York Mets are well-equipped to handle it.

So much for the intrigue about who the 26th man on the field will be for each MLB team in 2020. Because it’s looking more and more like rosters will include more than 26 players, teams like the New York Mets are going to benefit from some sharp depth all around the diamond.

As they marched toward what we thought was going to be an average year with 162 games and 26 men on the roster, the Mets were already well-equipped to handle the rigors of a typical season.

With the growing possibility of the league allowing more players on the major league roster, the Mets’ luxury could become an advantage.

We already know some of the spots where the Mets are deep. While they can no longer benefit from having six starting pitchers due to the loss of Noah Syndergaard, that’s barely beneficial unless there are multiple doubleheaders throughout the season.

The real benefit the Mets will get is how many quality bats they can put into the lineup on a regular basis. When games go deeper, they could potentially send an even better bat up to the plate.

In a magical world where athletes never get hurt, the Mets would have some issues getting everyone playing time. A healthy Yoenis Cespedes might be the most difficult especially after we saw what J.D. Davis can do at the plate when he plays every day.

Although a larger roster doesn’t mean Major League Baseball is playing with four outfielders like a beer league might, it does allow for more flexibility. The team wouldn’t have to worry about Cespedes knocking a double and then running the bases. On a bigger roster, they can use a pinch-runner without a second thought.

While nothing has been fleshed out just yet, the likely loss of the minor league season opens up a greater purpose for MLB rosters to expand. Fringe veteran players like Eduardo Nunez and Matt Adams are practically guaranteed a spot. This is good news for them and players with a certain skill such as Luis Guillorme and his superb defense.

Of course, the Mets aren’t alone in baseball. It’s not really a major advantage when everyone else has it. Plus, without the advanced knowledge of knowing this was coming, no teams prepared to have a bullpen with 10+ arms in it.

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