Inviting non-Mets fans to get onboard with the team for the 2020 season

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 09: Michael Conforto #30 of the New York Mets is hugged by teammate Pete Alonso #20 as Amed Rosario runs over after Conforto hit a walk off rbi single to win the game in the bottom of the ninth inning in an MLB baseball game against the Washington Nationals on August 9, 2019 at Citi Field in the Queens borough of New York City. Mets won 7-6. (Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 09: Michael Conforto #30 of the New York Mets is hugged by teammate Pete Alonso #20 as Amed Rosario runs over after Conforto hit a walk off rbi single to win the game in the bottom of the ninth inning in an MLB baseball game against the Washington Nationals on August 9, 2019 at Citi Field in the Queens borough of New York City. Mets won 7-6. (Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images) /

Calling all non-New York Mets fans. It’s time to hop on the train and rally around this team.

The New York Mets send out invitations to fenced baseball fans that are fed up with fakes and phonies. Come in from the cold and be diverted by a revived classic baseball culture before games restart.

Reflective of their sloppy winter slips, the Mets have displayed proof of character education growth during these past few months. Their warm qualities can capture a new generation of Mets fans only if the franchise continues staying open-minded to strengthening the brand’s quality for the 20s and beyond.

At the start of the year, Luis Rojas’ father, professed a binding stamp of quality upon his son and proclaimed a declaration of a no cheating era. That was a solid father-son moment for baseball history. Felipe Alou made a statement expressing that his son will be managing sports athletes – not sports actors – and the difference is legitimacy.

The Red Sox cheating being more sophisticated and strategic than the Astros’ primitive trashcan banging, showed evidence of one thing- how dark masterminds evolve and adapt to keep their hands clean. Because men making that kind of money aren’t that thoughtless (Page 15, #3), but they are that manipulative (Page 2).

If these were state education workers (aka. teachers), cheating on the state exam that determines property values for taxes, then they would be fired, fined or in jail. If they “forgot” to explain the security rules to the students before testing and allowed takers to subtly share answers, the skipper would not be allowed to return to the school site.

The Red Sox and Astros swiped funds from various cities. But the white-collar thieves just wave apologetically from across a video conferencing call even though their franchise vaporized dollars and memories from American citizens. What?

Mets aren’t having it. They want classic baseball. The booing will still be at the ballpark just hopefully broadcasted via Zoom, with surround sound, to echo into the dirty liars’ ears. Put a tablet in every seat, display in real-time comments on the TRON, hire Amazon’s Alexa to read them aloud, and collectively viewers from around the country will join in with a resonating disapproving hiss about these stains in baseball.

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When there was a possible Covid-19 contamination connected to the Mets Spring Training facilities, the Mets administration sounded the alarm quickly, not only for their workers but to alert the attendees too. Management communicated the essentials to the public immediately. It was scary but necessary and appreciated.

Also, they haven’t been withholding about team issues including the surgery of the linchpin player Noah Syndergaard. The team is up for sale. It is an investment being scrutinized, and they are transparent about the condition of its assets. The players and coaches are stepping up, jumping in, and displaying no fear during these augmented times by creating online content. No cracks on the TVs yet.

The Mets social network is caring about wellbeing, recreation, tutoring, and celebrations. It echoes last year’s foundational tradition of the boys connecting through cookies and milk. Things like this make a team rhythmic and taps the core innocence of a bunch of little leaguers debriefing in tree houses. It is obvious they enjoy each other and like playing together.

A youngster’s heart stays in the foreground, as the player’s traditions are primary and molded with each other. Teammates understand baseball tradition and superstition while welcoming new Mets to the crew. It seems like they are aware that their future selves are watching, or their kids are or your kids are.

The Mets haven’t had a captain since 2013, however, David Wright is seeing a seed of a strong leader in Tampa native Pete Alonso. He partnered with his fiancée to create Homers for Heroes. Polar Bear wasted no time to gain control over his skyrocketing rookie image and narrative. He is building his legacy to have a steadfast career in baseball and as a philanthropist. Pete Alonso is aware of his influence. Also, MLB is aware of his influence, and its power for global baseball.

The Mets are a megaphone of hope in New York City, the metropolitan of the globe enduring the worst of the pandemic. Yeah, they are THAT city’s team! Bad press equals bad stress and the Mets boys are running drills and keeping the good beats going. Marcus Stroman designs dress and motivates others to express, to de-stress, and to impress.

Jeff McNeil is a clairvoyant, instead of playing Fortnight at his house he was immersed playing virtual baseball videogame MLB: THE SHOW and giving advice to Alonso on Twitter. A tag to the developers started an engagement. On Twitch he premiered the media launch of the current MLB/ESPN sponsored contingency plan, that found its audience during this time for innovation and thinkers. McNeil started a league trend out of playing pretend.

In a 360 degree rotation of information, a blend of entertaining characters spearheaded by JLo and Arod, entered talks to bid on the ballpark. This razzle-dazzle has creative potential. What could this couple reinvent with the money bleeding Mets? New types of shows at the 7th inning stretch? Is a new rivalry with the Marlins and the Yankees getting set?

Selling the Mets without SNY was business sly of the Wilpons. Knowledgeable strike that SNY is the true moneymaker and off the table, a win if that station stays in their possession. Strategic move. The Wilpons having control of SNY is just enough. Owning the regional station will control how the Mets brand will be accentuated.

However, the hidden gem story sparkling in this team’s rock mine is that when the season does begin, its rotation harbors the best pitcher and the worst pitcher. Technically due to this delayed opening, Jacob deGrom and Rick Porcello have been the best and the worst pitchers for the longest time in the history of baseball and they will be on the same team.

The Mets are hosting a pitching rotation for young athletes to watch. The saga of these beasts is a unique blue moon moment, not only will these brooders be competing for the historically altered 2020 World Series title, 3 out of 5 of these men will need to do it with diamond cut precision because they are also on the block for free agency, after this realigned season.

Time management is imperative. Team hopping to the Mets would have an educational benefit when baseball returns. Get aligned with the Mets who’ve defaulted into dizzying drama since December. All are going to need to take risks to become one of the most heroic branches in Mets tree.

The Mets personalities are legends in action. Curiosity mounts with the anticipation for an amplified season. If fans are absent from the park then hopefully things will get creative about how to interact with the tuned in base. Brainstorm with the clever clubhouse boys. They should think tank on how to take the game digitally through the next 20 years.

Contact furloughed Disney and start designing or collaborate with Snapchat’s Bitmoji department. How fun would it be if the team sat in the stands and things got animated at times, maybe with ghosts or toons of other players, like with the technology in Mary Poppins or Bedknobs and Broomsticks? Snapchat recently launched Bitmoji TV and the app includes MLB apparel.

Allow people to buy a ticket for their alter ego avatar to join in the 2020 digital SIM field since there are no biological viruses in their universe. If viewers could press a booing and cheering button, do video conferencing with players, take interesting polls or have a voter percentage included in scoring like American Idol or Dancing with the Stars, baseball would have a progressive evolution. Supply real-time giveaways of stay-at-home care packages or better yet give the gift of microphones on choice players and umpires during the game.

This Mets team is up for any direction to invite people to connect with them. This is an odd year! A bizarre precipice. Anything goes! Let’s GROW Mets!