Mets outfielder Jake Marisnick is a different kind of everyday player

Jake Marisnick won’t start regularly for the New York Mets in 2020, but he should find a way to get into the box score nearly every game.

The term “everyday player” in baseball typically means a guy will start as often as possible. We know the everyday players on the New York Mets. Pete Alonso, Michael Conforto, Amed Rosario, and the list goes on.

In 2020, the team will have a different kind of everyday player on the roster. Jake Marisnick should start many games from the bench, but will undoubtedly find his way onto the field practically every day there’s a game.

Whether you want to refer to Marisnick as a fourth or fifth outfielder is up to you. He’s no starter in Major League Baseball. However, he can be an incredibly useful piece, especially on a roster with little speed and below-average defense.

Good speed and even better defense are what Marisnick brings to the table. Some occasional pop at the plate is another attribute we can look forward to seeing from him once baseball games begin.

From 2015-2019, the Houston Astros used Marisnick regularly. In 2015, he played in 133 games but only received 372 plate appearances. Only 101 times was he called upon to actually start.

Marisnick has consistently played in 100+ games each year since. The number of starts he receives in a given year ranges from 57-85.

Houston seemed to lock him in as a role-player. Nothing should change now that he’s a member of the Mets.

Luis Rojas will have a chance to use Marisnick a little differently. With the National League rules in place, pinch-hitters are used far more. Double-switches are yet another opportunity for Marisnick to get into the game late.

While we will not get 162 MLB games in 2020, Marisnick should still play in a large portion of the schedule. He’s the defensive replacement this team believed they needed and a decent enough right-handed bat coming off the bench.

One way or another, I expect Marisnick to get his name in a lot of box scores for the Mets.

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Marisnick may not be the typical everyday player we think of yet we may see him nearly every game.

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