Mets: Is the dislike for Brandon Nimmo by Mets fans justified?

There is a growing faction of New York Mets fans that dislike Brandon Nimmo. In the words of the man himself, “Gosh Dang” that is ridiculous.

Over the last year or so there has become this disdain among New York Mets fans regarding Brandon Nimmo. He has been the topic of a lot of fans trade proposals for players such as Mookie Betts, Nolan Arenado, and other high-profile trade targets.

So many fans seem to want to ship Nimmo out of town and it just does not seem justified.

The best guess as to why there is such dislike for such a likable guy is that fans are getting caught in a modern-day fallacy of only evaluating hitters by batting average and not taking all metrics into account.

Much of the dislike seemed to start during the 2019 season when he was playing injured and eventually went on the injured list.

Nimmo played 43 games before going on the injured list and he hit to a dismal .200 batting average and if a player is only evaluated on batting average then Nimmo is a terrible player, but he should not be evaluated by this method.

Instead, he should be evaluated holistically with everything being considered.

First, he was injured, name me one player that hits at his best when he has a bulging disk in his neck. Second, if Nimmo’s other stats are considered then it would show that he had a .344 on-base percentage. So even though he was not entirely effective he was at least getting on base at an above-average clip.

In addition, look at his numbers when he got healthy and came back in the second half. Nimmo hit to a .261/.430/.565/.995 slash line. That is all-star caliber and more consistent with his numbers from his first three seasons.

It is beyond blasphemy that fans would dislike Nimmo purely because he had a poor first half of one season with a poor batting average while he was legitimately injured.

Brandon Nimmo is also one of the nicest people in baseball, he is always smiling, and he never is mad or says a bad thing about the team. In addition, he hustles everything, even a walk. He is the player that you want your kids to emulate in little league.

How can anyone dislike that?

Brandon Nimmo is the heart and soul of the New York Mets and anyone who thinks that he is not a good baseball player is crazy.

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Does Nimmo have room for improvement? Absolutely, he is not perfect by any stretch, but he is not a fourth outfielder or a trade chip. He should be a cornerstone of this team and the player you want holding the trophy during the World Series parade.

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