Three Mets we are counting on to have a much better 2020

The New York Mets are relying heavily on the performance of these three players who left plenty of room for a better 2020.

Over the past few months, New York Mets fans have been getting excited about the season by keeping up with new acquisitions, rumors and everything in-between. As we know projections are rarely accurate but several different sources put the Mets in a position that could land them one of the National League Wild Card spots.

Much of the 2020 season depends on the performance of players that are considered a wild card themselves. The up and down nature of the sport plus injuries all made these three players candidate I view worthy of this list.

Let’s take a look at some players we’re counting on improving to help bring the Mets to a contender level team in 2020.

1) Amed Rosario

2018 Stats

Batting Average .256
Home runs: 9
OPS: .676

2019 Stats

Batting Average .287
Home runs: 15
OPS: .755

Taking a look at Amed Rosario’s stats for the 2018 season compared last season’s, he has improved a good amount. While he was once considered a top prospect, his major league career hasn’t lived up to expectations so far, yet I don’t think his true potential has been unlocked yet.

I think we have to take into account that Rosario is only 24 years old, and has been overlooked this past season. In 2019, we saw Rosario bang out a walk-off single, hit one run short of the cycle against the Phillies as well as saw a taste of his potential as a defenseman showing what he can bring to the table in 2020.

Heading into Spring Training I’d love to see Rosario improve even more in terms of fielding especially; this being where he has had most of his struggles.

2) Dellin Betances

2018 Stats:

ERA: 2.70
WHIP: 1.05
WAR: 1.70

One of the biggest winter acquisitions for the Mets has been the former Yankees’ relief pitcher Dellin Betances. Although Betances had only faced two batters in the entirety of the 2019 season his 2018 stats were more than respectable.

As a Mets fan who can admit the level of talent that the Yankees’ have, one of their most admirable aspects has always been their bullpen.

Betances has the possibility to be a huge asset to the ever so struggling Mets bullpen which has now turned around to have the promise of being one of the best. Putting Betances among, Brach, Gsellman, & Diaz has the potential to strengthen the Mets 2020 season.

3) Yoenis Cespedes

I’m not going to put in three-year-old stats for Yoenis Cespedes that mean virtually nothing now. We know who he is, what he has done for the Mets, and now we all want that one question answered.

How will he play? Everyone is wondering will he come back? Will he just be used to pinch-hit? Or will he be a glorified bench warmer?

The reality of the situation is that we won’t know for a while and even if he does make it onto the field chances are he won’t be the 30 home-run, 100 game outfielder we need. Yet in the off chance that he does end up being even close to the powerhouse that he was three years ago, he could add to the depth of the Mets.

Honorable Mention: Edwin Diaz

I was not going to write an entire paragraph about Edwin Diaz, yet I knew people would wonder why he wasn’t included. As many other writers are, I am tired of writing about what happened last season with Diaz. We all know he choked, we have all debated the reasoning behind it, we all know we need him to do better. Quite frankly I 100% think the kid will bounce back and be dominant once again.

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