Mets not-so-super utility man Jed Lowrie showed up to camp in a leg brace

Curb your enthusiasm for Jed Lowrie. The New York Mets infielder showed up to spring training wearing a leg/knee brace.

The over/under on the number of games Jed Lowrie will play for the New York Mets may have dropped a few dozen. As several reporters are doing what they do best—reporting—the not-so-super utility man of the Mets showed up to spring training camp looking less than ready to play baseball.

Lowrie showed up to Mets camp on Sunday sporting a leg brace. While it’s possible this is just precautionary, it’s amazing how a full year later this man has not recovered from his early spring training injury from last February. When asked about it, Lowrie said his left knee is the reason for it but provided little else.

The Lowrie signing is turning out to be one of the most embarrassing in baseball. It’s one thing for a guy to get on the field every day and underperform. This guy looked broken before he even arrived to the Mets.

In case you blocked it from memory, Lowrie spent nearly all of 2019 on the IL or rehabbing in the minor leagues. He did finally debut for the Mets in September, making eight appearances as a pinch-hitter.

All Lowrie came away from the 2019 season was with a single walk and four strike three calls against him. What began as a joke we could laugh at has become a dead horse punchline holding this team back.

There’s no need to panic about Lowrie’s health. After all, there really isn’t much room for him to do much other than occasionally start and maybe pinch-hit.

The strangest thing about the Lowrie saga is how he was never a fit for this club. When Brodie Van Wagenen signed him to a two-year deal last winter, the Mets already had their infield filled. They had so little room on the infield dirt that they were forced to move Jeff McNeil into the outfield.

Lowrie will not be afforded the same luxury. It’s still unknown whether or not he can even play the field.

New York can certainly survive another year without Lowrie. The troubling news is that this means there could be another $10 million wasted. Just imagine what the club could have done with this dough instead.

It seems less likely than ever we’ll see them find a trade partner to take Lowrie. The only hope would be to pair him with Dominic Smith or another young player. It’s not the best strategy if the goal is to save money because Smith has real value.

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While Yoenis Cespedes is out there trying to prove his doubters wrong, Lowrie is quietly showing up to St. Lucie looking like we’re in store for another year where we question whether or not he even exists.

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