New York Mets: The Wilpons will not go gentle into that good night

New York Mets fans received a huge blow on Tuesday when the news broke that the sale of the team to Steve Cohen may not happen after all.

Less than a week before pitchers and catchers, the hype around the New York Mets should be focused on the return of Jacob deGrom to the mound, Pete Alonso’s home run title defense, and what Luis Rojas can do as a first-year manager. Instead, the nightmare all Mets fans were hoping to avoid experiencing may have come true.

It was reported on Tuesday afternoon that the savior of the franchise, Steve Cohen, may not actually take over as owner. Because Cohen reportedly felt the Wilpons changed the terms of the deal, he’s backing out—at least for now.

Nobody knows the full details of the why and many have speculated this is merely a tactic by Cohen to get the Wilpons to give in. Mets fans across the world all have their fingers crossed that this is indeed the case.

In an offseason where the Mets have suffered through the embarrassment of hiring a manager only for him to leave due to his involvement in one of baseball’s biggest scandals, it was refreshing to know Cohen was on the way. Everything changes with this news. Now there’s uncertainty about the future of the franchise.

Dreams of seeing Mookie Betts in a Mets uniform next year or the possibility of a trade for Nolan Arenado are temporarily gone. Instead, everyone is left wondering how much longer we’ll have to deal with the Wilpon Way.

This winter alone has produced some all-time unique and strange Mets stories. Along with the Carlos Beltran fiasco and the latest news regarding the ownership, let’s also not forget the Yoenis Cespedes incident with a boar. Although it happened over the summer, we didn’t learn about the juicy details until this offseason.

If you’re like me, you spent plenty of hours on Tuesday trying to find out the latest on the Cohen news, hoping for an update. Business deals like these can take time and I think in the back of all of our minds, we knew there would be some obstacle to overcome.

Like a horror movie villain, the Wilpons aren’t going away so easily.

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With the sale of the team in limbo at the moment, we can only hope the Wilpons finally give Mets fans the gift they’ve been waiting for; their resignation.

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