Mets Trade Rumors: Yoenis Cespedes and Jed Lowrie are on the block

In the latest edition of New York Mets trade rumors, the ball club in Flushing is still hopeful it can trade Yoenis Cespedes and/or Jed Lowrie.

New York Mets trade rumors are beginning to pick up again with talks of Starling Marte coming to Flushing and a pair of veterans going somewhere else. According to Mets trade rumors courtesy of Andy Martino of SNY, the team would like to move Yoenis Cespedes and/or Jed Lowrie before spring training.

Cespedes is far more movable now than he was months ago when he was thought of as a $30 million per year player. We can thank the wild boar from last summer for that.

Lowrie, meanwhile, is just as bitter as he has been. The only man who challenged Cespedes in 2019 for the least amount of games played per millions of dollars earned, he’s someone we’ve heard plenty about this winter in Mets trade rumors. Nothing has come of it. With spring training fast approaching, who knows if we will see any action take place?

Mets fans have come around on Cespedes based on the idea that he will have a big year to 1) earn back the money he lost and 2) earn a new contract somewhere else in 2021.

It’s not a bad thought. Money is a major motivator. We all wake up early in the morning to prepare to go someplace where we can make it. Why couldn’t Cespedes reach down deep and find something within himself to be a little more productive?

The thing with Cespedes is that his body may not allow him to put together a monster year. Even if he’s hitting well, the lack of DH in the National League is concerning. He’ll need to play the outfield and run the bases when he does make contact. It’s a recipe to wear a broken athlete down further.

Lowrie’s health doesn’t concern me as much even though it should. He took forever to come back from what started out as a minor injury last spring. The one injury became another and by the time he did return, he was only able to pinch-hit.

Still, the good thing about Lowrie is he seems like a more realistic option for a National League team. Cespedes, on the other hand, appears destined to slot in best in the American League as a DH. This severely limits the number of teams he can land with.

In whatever deal the Mets may create involving these two, we would have to imagine some young talent also goes with them. Cespedes and Lowrie are free agents after this season. Neither has a guarantee of producing well or even taking the field regularly in 2020. A team would be foolish to think of them as anything more than a roll of the dice.

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After all, there’s a reason why their names are coming up in late January Mets trade rumors.

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