Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard calls a potential trade “bittersweet”

It would be a bittersweet symphony if the New York Mets were to trade Noah Syndergaard. After his start on Saturday, Thor agreed.

Following a strong outing on Saturday night versus the Miami Marlins, New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard talked about the trade rumors regarding his future with the team. In recent days, there have been rumbles about his availability on the market.

Never shy, Syndergaard referred to the potential trade as “bittersweet.” He added that he loves being a member of the Mets and shared a few more kind words about his stay with the team.

For one thing, Syndergaard has never seemed like a guy who has wanted to leave the only big league franchise he has played with. Even in their darker seasons and his sometimes aggressive demeanor, one thing Thor has never done is make it appear as if he dislikes the place he’s at. This is a good thing. Not all players enjoy playing for the team they were traded to as a minor leaguer.

Even if this is the masked version of Syndergaard, it’s nice to hear him approach the trade rumors honestly. There are some differing opinions on who the man beneath the blonde hair truly is. Although a little arrogant at times, Syndergaard strikes me as a genuine guy when he talks about his love of New York and the Mets.

Syndergaard has fun playing baseball in New York City. It’s a big part of why his time with the Mets has been a positive one even when his performance hasn’t been so great.

The word “bittersweet” is the perfect way to describe any trade movement involving Syndergaard. Fans can feel the same way as any deal involving the big righty would surely bring back a nice haul of prospects.

Those who desire the team sells a little harder than normal would still hold their breath every time he takes the mound for another squad. After all, he has been our guy his entire MLB career.

It’s going to take a lot to pluck Syndergaard out of New York. Fortunately for him, it sounds like the team has set the asking price high. And rightfully so. Starts like the one he had on Saturday are the reason why he’s a desirable piece even in a down year.

Some would disagree, but I do think Syndergaard has grown up during his time with the Mets. Outspoken at times even to this day, he’s unafraid to voice his opinion. In this case, the opinion is an honest one (at least I believe so) about how much the fans mean to him.

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From the start, Mets loyalists embraced him. In return, he has done a fine job to keep the love alive.

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