Mets: How Noah Syndergaard could still win the “Game of Thrones”

Game of Thrones is back for its final season and there’s still a chance New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard sits on the Iron Throne at the conclusion.

How many baseball teams can say they had one of their players fight for the Lannister Army in Game of Thrones? Thus far, only the New York Mets can.

In case you forgot, back in season seven Noah Syndergaard made a cameo in the popular HBO show. It was in the fourth episode of the season titled “The Spoils of War.” Some fans have called it one of the better episodes of the show. For Mets fans, seeing even a glimpse of Syndergaard helped.

As part of Jamie Lannister’s army, he took on a horde of Dothraki before Daenerys flew in with her dragon children ready to fight. They showed up and started spitting out flames the same way Syndergaard delivers fastballs—at blazing speeds.

It’s been a while since Syndergaard’s cameo. Fans of the show have waited since the end of summer 2017 for the show to resume. In the final season, we’ll finally learn who will sit on the Iron Throne. Could it be Thor?

Bran Stark is an early betting favorite for the King of Westeros, but let’s not rule out Syndergaard quite yet. The show has taken many twists and turns. If faceless assassins can have such a major impact in the series, surely a nameless soldier can, too.

There’s no official confirmation that Syndergaard’s one scene character survived the attack. Although defeated, the prisoners were offered a chance to survive if they pledged their loyalty to Daenerys. For the sake of believing he could survive until winter comes, this would mean he’s fighting alongside the Dothraki or Unsullied against the White Walkers. In which case, he would somehow need to see several of our favorite heroes die, likely in brutal ways, in order to have any shot at sitting on the Iron Throne.

We also need to consider the possibility that Syndergaard’s character managed to escape the battle alive as Jamie Lannister and Bronn did. Even then, he would probably need to prove some sort of claim to the throne if he isn’t able to marry Cersei first.

It’s all pretty unlikely. And with the Mets season already underway, I’m not sure he has much time for ruling anywhere than from a mound. Likely, the spear-throwing soldier from King’s Landing was killed in battle.

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At the very least, he survived with a series-ending injury. Maybe he’ll have some time to rehab before the prequel.

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