New York Mets entering 2019 with negativity in the headlines

The New York Mets fans are entering 2019 with an improved roster, but a few negative storylines making the headlines.

For the most part, New York Mets fans are a pessimistic bunch. As Nick Maetta explored recently on Rising Apple, some of it justified.

The organization, however, has seemingly remained ignorantly blissful at times. General manager Brodie Van Wagenen’s “come get us” statement earlier this winter was over-the-top enthusiasm for the team he helped build.

Though the offseason was mostly a success, the final week before Opening Day hasn’t included too many positive headlines.

Most important, Jacob deGrom still doesn’t have an extension. Just about every superstar in baseball has gotten locked up to one this winter. deGrom isn’t alone in the free agent class following the 2020 season. However, he’s arguably one of the best prepared to hit the open market in the next two years.

The deGrom saga was an ongoing one with no immediate resolution needed. Although, it may spoil the culture in the locker room.

On Sunday, fellow starter and former Van Wagenen client Noah Syndergaard voiced his opinion on the lack of commitment to the reigning Cy Young winner.

This wasn’t the only thing on Syndergaard’s mind. The outspoken righty also talked about the upcoming trip the Mets have to Syracuse for their final workouts of the spring.

There are two ways to take these comments. One suggests Syndergaard is whining. He does have a big mouth, after all. I’m not going to go with this option, though. Behind door number two is the thought that this is his way of becoming a leader. By speaking up, he’s giving others a voice.

To a lesser extent, the situation with catcher Devin Mesoraco is another event to spread some negativity in the locker room. Rather than return to the minors, Mesoraco has asked for his release and is prepared to retire if he doesn’t get his way.

By themselves, these stories are ones most businesses deal with. Together, all occurring seemingly at once, it’s a building trend.

I surmise there are others in the locker room unhappy with the direction of the franchise. It’s nothing new for the Mets or any other team for that matter. Stand around any water cooler in America and you’ll hear disgruntled employees.

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It’s just unfortunate this has to happen days before Opening Day. With the deGrom contract situation as the most blatantly obvious one to fix, it may be just one of several negative stories Mets fans will suffer through.

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