Mets Fans Know Best: Optimism for a Jacob deGrom extension this week

New York Mets fans know best so we asked them, will Jacob deGrom get an extension and if so, will it happen this week?

In the next few days, the New York Mets and Jacob deGrom have a deadline to meet. According to what he said several weeks ago, the reigning NL Cy Young winner was giving the team until Opening Day to sign him to an extension. The baseball season officially begins on Thursday, March 28 and no deal has gotten done yet.

Mets fans are eager to see deGrom get locked up for good. Already, several notable players around Major League Baseball have signed long-term deals. Mike Trout broke records with his, the New York Yankees kept the core intact with several of their own, and last year’s AL Cy Young winner Blake Snell got what he deserved.

Unfortunately, deGrom and other Mets players who could be extension candidates have not gotten anything done.

Mets fans do know best and we decided to ask them on Twitter what they thought about deGrom’s future. Those passionate fans of the blue and orange baseball club, in an overwhelming show of optimism, believe a deal gets done before Opening Day.

Per the poll results, 74% of voters believe deGrom stays with the team long-term. However, only 49% total think a deal will get done before Thursday’s deadline. There’s also 26% of Mets fans who don’t have much belief in this front office doing the right thing.

Whether this is wishful thinking or true and honest belief, it’s a move the organization needs to make. It’s bad enough that everyone else is doing it. It’s worse because they’ve allowed this to drag on for as long as it has.

We’ve seen how the front office reacts to demands from fans. They seem to do the bare minimum. Changing Citi Field’s address to 41 Seaver Way is a great gesture. However, it’s overdue and forced. Plus, it’s not what the fans wanted.

This is similar to the way they have handled the deGrom contract situation. He wanted assurance long-term. All they did was pay him handsomely for the upcoming year.

What this franchise has to realize is they are in a position to undertake another rebuild soon if they don’t lock up deGrom. Zack Wheeler is a free agent after this season and deGrom can walk away after next. This would leave them with Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz as the lone remaining starters. Thor could certainly turn into the ace, but the verdict on Matz suggests he’s a number three at his absolute best.

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The front office hasn’t shown me anything to believe a deal will get before the season begins. Time is running out. We may need to endure another summer of deGrom trade rumors and speculation about where his future lies.

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