Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen saying “Come get us” makes me cringe


New York Mets General Manager Brodie Van Wagenen’s message to the rest of the division, “Come get us” is a little too bold for my liking. Let’s play a game first.

Since taking over as general manager for the New York Mets, we’ve all seen as many different opinions as possible about Brodie Van Wagenen. The former agent turned rookie GM has been undoubtedly a smooth talker everywhere he has gone. Talking can only go so far.

On Wednesday, Van Wagenen added a new phrase to say when you pull the string attached to his backside: “Come get us.”

To boil it down and provide some context, he’s telling the rest of the National League East to meet him at the flagpole after the ninth period school bell. Unfortunately, he’s not the biggest nor toughest kid in class.

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A phrase like “Come get us” works after a year where you’ve won the division. I’ll even accept it when your team has made a giant splash. This winter, the Mets’ biggest moves included the addition of Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz via trade and Wilson Ramos and Jed Lowrie in free agency. They also brought back Jeurys Familia. I believe these men improve their chances. Does it make them the favorite in the division?

I used to watch professional wrestling and Van Wagenen is beginning to remind me of an announcer. He’ll oversell something nice and make you feel guilty for buying. I really do want to like other moves the team has made.

But for the love of God, calm down with these cocky catchphrases. It’s only going to motivate the other teams.

I appreciate Van Wagenen’s positivity and like to think it’s true in a Buddy the Elf-kind of way. He’s smarter than that, though. He’s rookie GM, but a seasoned baseball mind is somewhere in his head. He can’t possibly believe this organization did the best it possibly could.

Many of us expected Van Wagenen to be arrogant and I’m sure he’s not as relatable in person as he tries to come off as. He has made more money in his lifetime than Walter White did in five seasons of Breaking Bad. After all, he has the name of a bad guy in a 1980s teen romantic comedy or the Baron in something like The Princess Bride.

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We’re beginning to see more shades of BVW each time he speaks. I’m excited for 2019. There’s a gut feeling it’s only going to disappoint because the front office thinks they’re better than they really are.