New York Mets fans make a Christmas wish for good and evil

DETROIT, MI - JULY 31: The Detroit Tigers celebrate Christmas in July during the game against the Washington Nationals at Comerica Park on July 31, 2013 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)
DETROIT, MI - JULY 31: The Detroit Tigers celebrate Christmas in July during the game against the Washington Nationals at Comerica Park on July 31, 2013 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images) /

It’s Christmas and New York Mets fans get one wish.

Merry Christmas New York Mets fans! Happy Holidays to whatever celebration you have this month. We’re a diverse group and regardless of what your affiliation, there’s one thing that binds all of us: the Mets.

Christmas is a time to, well, not give thanks. That was last month.

Christmas is a time for many things. When it comes to the Mets, it often means ripping open a jersey of a favorite player. Maybe you were lucky enough to get a Brandon Nimmo one. If you’re really lucky, he stays with the team.

Whatever the holidays mean to you, December 25th is the best day of the year to make a wish. We asked our writers to come up with one about the Mets to share with our readers. The only limit was that you couldn’t wish for a championship.

Leen Amin – My Christmas wish this year is for every injured Mets player to recover and remain healthy in 2019, especially Yoenis Cespedes, and for the entire team to avoid serious injuries. This team has had a serious issue with injuries but now that management is actually making moves to make the lineup and bullpen better and hopefully take this team to the playoffs, the last thing we can afford is players being plagued with injuries.

James Richards – I want someone on this team to drive in over 100 runs this year. The last one to do that was David Wright in 2010, so I think we’re overdue.

Joseph Romano – My wish is for the Mets to place a continued emphasis on the unseen areas of the game. International scouting and analytics always seemed to be lacking resources under the previous regime.

Kevin Strauss – I wish the Mets would either commit to Dominic Smith at first base or announce Peter Alonso is the man. If it’s the latter, they can trade Smith for an outfielder or lefty reliever in a package.

Tim Boyle – I’m wishing for a more competitive year in 2019 absent of an unwatchable month like June of 2018. A big July acquisition at the trade deadline would be the perfect stocking stuffer to add some midseason excitement.

Jonathan Rosen – Bryce Harper. Or for the Wilpons to finally deliver any player of his caliber.

Nick Scheurer – All I want for Christmas is David Wright’s number to be retired.

Chris Rocco – My Christmas wish is that Brandon Nimmo hits 20+ homers in 2019. As a result, he makes his first appearance in an All-Star Game.

Michael Carballeira – My Mets Christmas wish is for Peter Alonso to become the stud he is suppose to be. If Alonso can come up to the majors and hit the way he has in the minor leagues, he will be a huge addition to this lineup. Also, with Alonso hitting what his potential is than the Mets can have a first baseman of the future which they have not had in a long time. The Dominic Smith project is over. Now its Alonso’s turn to show his worth.

Nick Maetta – Dominic Smith has struggled mightily since his call up to the big leagues in 2017 posting a -1.8 WAR in 105 games. However, still just 23, Smith isn’t long removed from being one of baseballs top first base prospects. If Smith can perform well early in 2019 and rebuild some of his value, he can be an intriguing piece the Mets could look to sell high on.

In addition to our own writers, we also asked readers on Twitter to contribute. Here are some of the best answers we received.

As you can see, we had a variety of answers. The major of wishes involved the ousting of ownership. We limited it to the first guy to get it in because this is a family-friendly place and we don’t need to rate at R on Christmas.

Thank you all for participating and for making 2018 a wonderful year at Rising Apple!

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