New York Mets: A David Wright record someone will surely smash

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 25: David Wright (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 25: David Wright (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

When David Wright officially calls it quits, he’ll leave the New York Mets with plenty of records safe in his fault of accomplishments. One of them, however, won’t be so lucky.

David Wright owns many single-season records in New York Mets history. His 124 runs batted in during the 2008 season is tied with Mike Piazza for the most ever by a member of the team. He is number one and two in total bases in one year as well. In addition to this, Wright has many career records thanks to his longevity with the team.

One of the single-season records he holds likely won’t last. Thankfully for him, it’s one he would probably prefer not to own.

In 2010, Wright struck out 161 times. It was uncharacteristic of the Captain. In years prior, he was fanning between 110-120.

The 2009 campaign included a shift with 140 strike three calls. Wright went even further in 2010 with the 161 walk of shames back to the dugout.

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Before Wright set this mark, the record for most strikeouts in a season by a Mets player was a shared one. In 1982, the king of strikeouts Dave Kingman lived up to his reputation with 156 punch outs. This tied a record previously set by Tommie Agee in 1970.

Strikeouts are more common in baseball than ever before. You might not realize it based on how few starting pitchers reach the 200 mark. That’s because they have fewer innings to accomplish this feat.

Position players are still getting enough plate appearances to strikeout at record paces. Someday soon, we should see a Mets player topple Wright’s record.

Michael Conforto is probably your safest bet. Of course, if you live in New York, your safest bet is to drive to New Jersey and then place that bet. Or just stay home and not make such a foolish wager.

I have no doubt that if a few guys on the 2018 squad stayed healthy for the full year we would see Wright’s record fall. Jay Bruce, Todd Frazier, and Yoenis Cespedes are candidates. Even our beloved Brandon Nimmo would have good odds in a full 162 game season.

With players sharing innings and suffering injuries at an alarming rate, we may have to wait a little while longer to see anyone reach 162 strikeouts in a year. Wright may get on the 25-man roster, but his playing time won’t allow him to do it.

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Fortunately, this is one record he would rather not break. Eventually, someone will.

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