Mets: Jacob deGrom will be in serious company next season


Mets fans can be proud of what Jacob deGrom has done this year. However, for his career, things are about to get even better next year.

Jacob deGrom has a lot of strikeouts. After his game against the Cubs, the New York Mets ace had 955 for his career. Earlier this season he passed Jon Niese for 9th most strikeouts in franchise history and he looks to climb up the ladder even more.

He won’t be able to pass anyone this year with only a few starts left but next year there will be many for Mets stars he can reach.

First we have to talk about Jakes 1000th strikeout. It’s possible that he can reach the milestone this season. He only needs 45 more and if everything goes according to plan, he should have roughly six more starts. If he does, and he averages seven strikeouts per start, he will reach it.

Let’s say he was to finish the season with exactly 1000 strikeouts, he would only be 23 away from the next pitcher on the list. That pitcher is Jon Matlack, who has 1023.

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Last season Jake threw 239 strikeouts and he could easily reach 260 this season. As a result, it should be pretty easy to crack 200 again next season. If he does get 200 and reaches 1200 career strikeouts, he would overtake multiple pitchers on the list.

In addition to Matlack, he would also pass Al Leiter‘s 1106 strikeouts, Ron Darling‘s 1148 strikeouts, and David Cone‘s 1172 strikeouts.

He would have the fifth most strikeouts in team history while still having another year left before he hit free agency. Only Tom Seaver, Dwight Gooden, Jerry Koosman, and Sid Fernandez would have more.

Next on his list would be Fernandez, who has 1449 so it would take Jake another year or more to pass him.

It’s also entirely possible that he records more strikeouts than we think he will. What if he reaches at least 270 this season and then he follows that up with 250 next season and maybe even another big season right before free agency?

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Next season Jake is going to join some serious company, and he has the ability to do some serious damage to leaderboards by the time he’s a free agent.