New York Mets all-time best first-round draft picks in franchise history

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Each year, the New York Mets hope to make a solid pick with their first-round pick. In their history, these five men stand above the rest.

Like most MLB teams, the New York Mets have drafted plenty of busts in the first round. While those players bruise their reputation, others have made up for it.

Among the four major sports, the MLB draft is the most unpredictable. Guys drafted in the first round often fail to make the big leagues. Many taken hundreds of picks later become stars.

In the history of the Mets, there have been far more busts in the first round than success stories. This isn’t uncommon or a knock against the team. It’s merely the way things work.

Plenty of first-round picks selected by the Mets have gone onto have good big league careers. On the current roster, they have multiple former first-round picks contributing. Without spoiling the fun yet, none are all-time bests. Some, however, have an opportunity to do so in the coming years.

As of right now, these five men top the list as the best first-round picks in Mets history.

5) Matt Harvey

Matt Harvey could have gone down as the greatest first-round pick in Mets history. Unfortunately, we know how hard his career made a right turn.

They originally took Harvey in the first round of the 2010 draft. After forfeiting their first-round pick in 2009 to sign Francisco Rodriguez, the Mets aimed high and picked right with the Dark Knight.

Harvey went seventh overall to New York in a pool that included Bryce Harper and Manny Machado taken earlier. Though some better players went after Harvey, it was a solid pick.

Before his career in New York ended poorly, Harvey gave the Mets three really good years. Injuries factored heavily into his decline. However, despite a horrific finish, Harvey still ended his Mets career with a credible 3.66 ERA. This certainly qualifies him for a list like this one.

As a side note, Noah Syndergaard was taken by the Toronto Blue Jays 38th overall. Years later, he joined Harvey on the Mets in what will go down as a rotation with a lot of wasted potential.

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