New York Mets roster needs a continued overhaul to stay alive


The New York Mets have plenty of roster changes to make if they want to stay in contention.

The New York Mets lost on Thursday in embarrassing fashion to the Atlanta Braves 11-0 and ended up being swept by their division rivals.

What is more concerning moving forward is that the team has a couple of major holes on their roster that are giving them barely anything. It is only May 4th, but if the team wants to build on their April success the time for tweaks to the roster might have to come soon.

Matt Harvey

The first casualty has already taken place. Matt Harvey was designated for assignment on Friday by the Mets, which will eventually lead to his release.

The right-hander has been nothing short of an abomination this season. Between starting and pitching out of the bullpen Harvey has posted an unsightly ERA of 7.00. His FIP is 5.71. He has gotten lit up in nearly every appearance this season.

It is quite sad that Harvey is now mentioned amongst the worst pitchers in the game but here we are. The Mets have resolved this problem, but have more roster spots to examine.

Jose Reyes 

The utility infielder has been almost as useless as Harvey has been slashing a horrific .139/.184/.222 in 38 plate appearances.

For the most part, he has been regulated to pinch-hitting appearances. The Mets have two similar players in Triple-A Las Vegas who could give better positional versatility in Ty Kelly and Phillip Evans. While this move ultimately wouldn’t move the needle very much it would be worth seeing if they can give you something better offensively.

Adrian Gonzalez 

This does not have as much to do with Adrian Gonzalez as it does getting Brandon Nimmo more playing time. Nimmo needs to play. Jay Bruce has begun to take ground balls at first base as it is clear the team needs to get Nimmo into the lineup more regularly. Gonzalez has been decent so far this season but ultimately can only play one position and is 36 years old.

He has no future with the team and while the original plan was for him to play until Dominic Smith was ready that plan has seemingly fallen apart as Smith hasn’t really hit in Las Vegas. The Mets must adjust accordingly and get the best talent they can on the field on a nightly basis and Nimmo is part of that.

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The ones mentioned above don’t even include the black hole that is the catcher’s position and Jason Vargas allowing 15 earned runs in 8.1 innings pitched in his first two starts. Changes need to be made. A winning organization would make them.