Mets of the Future: Luis Guillorme, Gavin Cecchini are not solutions at second base

FORT MYERS, FL - FEBRUARY 24: Gavin Cecchini
FORT MYERS, FL - FEBRUARY 24: Gavin Cecchini /

When the 2018 season ends, the New York Mets will need to decide what direction to go at second base. If they think prospects Luis Guillorme or Gavin Cecchini deserve the job, they are sadly mistaken.

What’s wrong with spending a little money at second base? The New York Mets may need to do it if they want a complete team in 2019.

Second baseman Asdrubal Cabrera is a pending free agent. I’ve already argued that the Mets should consider an extension for him based on how well he has played for them over the last few seasons. Some readers have disagreed, preferring to give the kids a chance.

Specifically, it’s Luis Guillorme and Gavin Cecchini some feel deserve an opportunity to play regularly for the Mets in 2019. I do think at least one of them has a shot at making the roster in the role Jose Reyes holds this year. Believing either should start at second base is a huge reach.

I’m not yet sold on Guillorme having a starting role in the big leagues. He has hit only two home runs in his entire professional career which spans back to 2013. I understand home runs aren’t everything. For a guy to have such little power is frightening.

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Guillorme does contribute in other ways. He regularly hits with a high average and knows how to draw a walk. One thing Guillorme doesn’t do incredibly well is steal bases. He’s only reached double-digits once in his career. If this was different, I might like his chances a bit better. Much like Rey Ordonez, Guillorme’s reputation as a good defender is what should get him to the big leagues and in starting lineups.

Meanwhile, Cecchini looks like a more well-rounded hitter. He can also hit for a high average. Cecchini’s power is of the doubles variety. This could help give him the edge over other young future Mets players who may have glaring weaknesses.

We did see Cecchini play for the Mets in 32 games last year. The result wasn’t very impressive.

In 82 plate appearances, Cecchini came away with a .208 batting average. This shouldn’t scare the Mets from letting him fight for a roster spot as the final piece on the bench next season.

For the Mets, I strongly believe the upcoming offseason is an opportunity to sign a big name second baseman. It’s an investment they should not let pass them by. The surplus of talent at the position lines up perfectly to ensure a veteran plays the position for them every day in 2019 and beyond.

Often, fans believe talented minor leaguers in their team’s system are far better than they actually are. Guillorme and Cecchini are fine baseball players. They just aren’t MLB starters.

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Both could always prove me wrong. Let’s hope they do because the Mets don’t have too many positive stories knocking on the door of reaching the big leagues.