New York Mets: Tim Tebow is great for baseball in many ways

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - FEBRUARY 21: RY 21: RY 21: RY 21: RY 21: Tim Tebow
PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - FEBRUARY 21: RY 21: RY 21: RY 21: RY 21: Tim Tebow /

Love him or hate him, New York Mets “prospect” Tim Tebow is great for baseball.

In his first at-bat of the 2018 campaign, New York Mets “prospect” Tim Tebow stepped up to the plate for the Double-A Binghamton Rumble Ponies. Wasting no time, he launched a three-run home run.

Doubters sat silent. Fans whipped out their most humble “I told you so.”

When will we all believe in the power of Tebow?

I don’t mean the home run pop either. I’m talking about the magic he seems to always pull off no matter what sport he’s playing.

Tebow’s not a great baseball player. We shouldn’t convince ourselves otherwise. However, the former NFL quarterback is still one of the best things going in baseball.

Why Tim Tebow is great for baseball

Some people who wouldn’t otherwise know a baseball bat from a baseball are paying attention to the game now that Tebow is involved. A shared faith is the main reason why.

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Tebow never made it a secret that he’s a religious man. Born in the Philippines to missionary parents, it’s his belief in God that he wears tighter than any team’s jersey. Wisley, Tebow has dialed it back since his baseball career began. Still, it’s at the forefront of many conversations regarding his abilities. It’s also a driving force behind whether or not many want him to succeed.

It’s this common religious conviction Tebow has with many Americans that helps make him an important part of the baseball world. Essentially a folk-hero, Tebow represents many Christians in this country. While some will criticize his open display of prayer during his NFL career, others welcome it.

Attendance numbers tell the best story of Tebow’s impact on baseball. Wherever he goes, fans flock to the ballpark to see him play. They don’t so much care about the performance. They want to see one of the few athletes in the world whose larger-than-life status is impactful regardless of the outcome.

Tebow can strike out four times and fans will continue to praise him. In an age when baseball is losing attention from younger fans, Tebow is keeping eyes glued to the field.

Maybe most important of all, we can all take something away from Tebow’s journey to professional baseball. Let’s not forget that he’s doing this on the other side of 30. The chances of him ever having a huge role with the Mets or any big league club are slim. Nevertheless, Tebow is a fine example of going out and following your dreams at any age, for any reason, and against any odds.

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Though Tebow is a genetic freak and the common person cannot accomplish what he has, we can all remind ourselves how important faith is. I’m not talking about faith in a higher power. Instead, have a little faith in yourself. Tebow seems to have plenty of it. And right now, he’s on top of the world.