Mets: Brandon Nimmo has to start in center field on Opening Day

MIAMI, FL - SEPTEMBER 20: Brandon Nimmo
MIAMI, FL - SEPTEMBER 20: Brandon Nimmo /

With Michael Conforto out of the lineup until May, the Mets have a hole in center field that should be filled by Brandon Nimmo.

Brandon Nimmo has been making a name for himself since late last season. Since being recalled by the Mets in August, he’s been showing the team that he’s a guy that can get on base and he can do that both by hitting the ball and being patient at the plate.

This spring, Nimmo is showing that and a little more. After playing in seven games, the 24-year-old Wyoming native has collected seven hits out of 18 at bats. Out of those hits, four of them have gone for extra bases – two home runs, one triple, and one double.

It’s obviously an extremely small sample size, but Nimmo has seen an opening in the roster, and is determined to make the most out of his opportunity.

Most of his success has come in the leadoff spot – a need the Mets will definitely have this season. Nimmo thankfully feels right at home starting off at the top of the lineup.

While Nimmo recognizes there are a few places in the lineup where he could produce, the leadoff slot is working right now.

"“I definitely am comfortable in the leadoff spot. It’s a place that yeah, I think suits my approach,” Nimmo told reporters after the Mets 4-2 win against the Detroit Tigers. “They’re testing it out right now. It’s been going well so far. I think that they’re just looking for someone who is going to try to find good pitches to hit and set a tone for the game, and I hope to be that person. I’m just going to try to keep my same approach.”"

Manager Mickey Callaway seems to agree with that assessment too. When he was asked about Nimmo’s position leading off, the skipper agreed that it seems like a good fit.

"“We’re looking for certain qualities in hitters in certain spots,” Mickey Callaway noted. “He definitely fits a mold of what you’d be looking for in that leadoff spot.”"

Even though Juan Lagares provides a better glove in center, his health and his bat have been concerning for the team for a while. He was late to make his debut due to some leg issues which automatically raises a few eyebrows.

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At this point, the choice between Lagares and Nimmo is obvious. Brandon Nimmo needs to be the everyday centerfielder until Michael Conforto comes back. Yes, there are still a couple of weeks before the season starts, but unless Nimmo’s bat goes frigid cold and Lagares lights it up at the plate, this decision should be an easy one to make.