Mets get bang for their buck with Bruce and Frazier


If you told me on September 1 of last year that the Mets would begin the 2018 season with both Todd Frazier and Jay Bruce, I would have been shocked.

At the time, Frazier and Bruce were both finding success with their new teams, the Yankees and Indians. Fast forward five months, and that’s exactly how 2018 will start.

On January 16, the Mets brought back Bruce on a three-year $39 million deal. On February 5, they surprised some fans with the two year $17 million signing of Frazier.

The Mets have made plenty of other signings throughout the offseason, but these two are the best. When you look at the contracts of both Bruce and Frazier, as well as their power output, you can only think that the Mets made the most cost effective signings with them.

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With Bruce earning $10 million in 2018, you’re looking at roughly $17-18 million between the two if Frazier’s contract is back-loaded like Bruce’s. When you take into account what both players have done skill wise, you would think that much was going to just one player.

In 2017, Bruce hit 36 home runs split between the Mets and Indians. Frazier hit 27 between the White Sox and Yankees. While this was a much lower total than his previous two seasons, it should be noted that Frazier had about 100 fewer plate appearances.

The two of them combined for 63 home runs. Even if they don’t hit that many home runs in 2018, the numbers could still be great. If they combine for 50 home runs, $17 million would be a steal.

As mentioned earlier, this could very be one of the most cost effective duos in baseball this off-season. The Mets are getting two great power hitters for the price of one, if even. To point this idea out, let’s take a look at other signings made.

The obvious first choice to look at would be Carlos Santana, who the Phillies signed for three years, worth $60 million. He will make $18.3 million in 2018. He’s had just one 30 home run season in his career. In four of his last six seasons, he hit fewer than 25.

The best thing about Lorenzo Cain is his ability to hit .300 and score 80 runs. Otherwise, the Brewers will be paying him $14 million in 2018 for 10-15 home runs and 50-60 RBI.

You can even look at Giancarlo Stanton and be happy with the moves the Mets made. Stanton will be paid $25 million in 2018 for a similar home run count and 110-130 runs and RBI.

When you look at their ability to score and drive runs in, Bruce and Frazier are also up there with the rest. Frazier scored 74 times in 2017 with the potential for 80+ while Bruce is also a match for 80. In the RBI category, Frazier has the potential for 80-100 while Bruce drove in at least 99 runs each of the last two seasons.

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The only downside to this duo would be their ability to get on base. Fraziers’ average hovers between .200 and .230 while Bruce’s is around .250.

However, if they get on base, they cause damage. The amount of damage that they will produce will be a lot more than the $17 million.