Mets: Why they should sign Eduardo Nunez

BOSTON, MA - SEPTEMBER 05: Eduardo Nunez
BOSTON, MA - SEPTEMBER 05: Eduardo Nunez /

The New York Mets are coming off a disappointing 2017 campaign and look to turn things around in 2018. A big reason for the Mets struggles last year were injuries and poor performances at certain positions.

One of these positions that need help is at second base. Currently on the Mets depth chart at second base is the 24-year-old Gavin Cecchini. Cecchini in his short MLB career in 83 at-bats has registered a .217 batting average to go along with 1 home run and 9 runs batted in. Who knows maybe the kid could turn things around but why should they wait for a player when they can go out there and bring someone in to fill the void.

One player that’s still on the market is Eduardo Nunez. He followed up his all-star season in 2016 with a .313 BA, .341 OBP, and a .460 SLG. Now Nunez is looking for a deal to be a team’s everyday second baseman. Let’s face it, every baseball fan knows the Mets are in dire need of one.

Not only would Nunez bring something to the plate but he also will bring a solid glove to the field, and we all know errors were a common thing for the Mets last season.

Wilpon or won’t they?

This will be a long shot of a signing. The front office seems to think spending money doesn’t mean much.

According to the Daily News, during a media session on Tuesday Jeff Wilpon, stated to reporters:

"“Being top five in payroll, I don’t think that won us a World Series…so we’re set out to make the playoffs and do well … try to win the World Series, not try and be at the top five in payroll.”"

Wilpon also stated:

"I get where the fan perception is. It’s not something that is lost on any of us. We have a plan, and because we believe in Sandy and the baseball department, we’re going to stick with the plan."

Now, I don’t t agree with Mr. Wilpon here. It’s not the payroll that stopped the Mets from winning a World Series.  It’s the way they use the money. For crying out loud the team just gave Jenry Mejia a deal and he’s banned from baseball!

Now, this is where the front office has to go out there and bring in the players to fill the voids at the needed positions such as second base, catcher, as well as the bullpen. I for one believe Nunez could bring a spark to this club and a step in the right direction.

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Also, Nunez would be no stranger to the New York crowd as he spent his first four seasons with the Yankees. He would definitely know what to expect from the fans and especially know how to handle the New York media.