Mets Rumors: Matt Harvey may be on the move

ATLANTA, GA - JUNE 23: Matt Harvey
ATLANTA, GA - JUNE 23: Matt Harvey /

Be careful what you wished for Mets fans

According to the Daily News the Mets have some interest in none other than Matt Harvey.

"“They are willing to move him,” one source said, “and they said they wanted to try and flip him for a reliever. They seemed more willing to move him then (Robert) Gsellman or (Seth) Lugo.”"

And while this comes as no surprise given Harvey’s steady decline, it’s still felt like a bit of a gut punch when I first read it. It makes sense that the Mets would be willing to move him now. Since the winter meetings kicked off this afternoon, all anyone has said about the Mets is that they don’t have prospects. Prospects that they would need to make bigger moves. And so Matt Harvey seems like the solution.

We’ve been saying for months now that Harvey hasn’t been the same pitcher. Not since 2015. And yet still his story and his time in New York plays almost like a Greek tragedy.

I’ve said this plenty of times before. Matt Harvey was New York City. He was the first player I remember seeing in a long time that embodied the grit and bold characteristics that our city is known for. When he came up to the Mets in 2013, he was a wonder to watch. And a sign that this was the start of the tides turning in New York. Harvey was just the tip of the iceberg of course but he represented what the Mets had the potential to become.

When Sports Illustrated hailed him as the “Dark Knight” of Gotham, Mets fans everywhere could hardly contain themselves. Showing up to the ballpark in Batman masks, signs, chanting and celebrating that it was finally Harvey Day in the rotation. Harvey was cocky or downright arrogant. I absolutely loved it. I was glad the Mets had someone with so much bite. Finally, someone who looks like he was born and bred to play for New York.

When dawn never arrived

Watching Harvey decline was painful. Harvey Day became a day filled with anxiety and grief. His 2016 season was a mess. 4-10 with a 4.86 ERA. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome would cut that year short. A far cry from the man that roared with joy on the mound pumping his fist to show you he was in control out there. 2017 was no better. Finishing 5-7 with a 6.70 ERA. Harvey slimmed down significantly this year. But I never felt weight was the problem. In fact, his slimmer look among his struggles, just made him look as though he was slowly disappearing.

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I know this is just a rumor right now. And I’ve written this as though it’s a eulogy. But having to think about Harvey in another uniform, in another city, almost seems like it wouldn’t fit. But then again, I’m still thinking of the Dark Knight. Gotham hasn’t seen him in quite some time.