Mets: Michael Conforto’s injury should be the last straw

DENVER, CO - AUGUST 01: Michael Conforto
DENVER, CO - AUGUST 01: Michael Conforto /

Mets All-Star Michael Conforto has also gone down swinging, figuratively, and unfortunately literally, just like many before him this season

Michael Conforto has dislocated his left shoulder. How did he do this? In Thursday afternoon’s game, by swinging a bat. Yes, that’s right, swinging a bat. You know, the thing that Conforto does for a living as a professional baseball player.

We all already knew that something was up with the training staff, despite the Mets trying to not point fingers. There’s no other reason as to why every single pitcher in the starting rotation has landed on the disabled list this season, minus Jacob deGrom (no, we’re not counting those who joined the rotation once the original starts went down, even though Tyler Pill does make this list).

To add on to this, there’s also no other reason as to why Yoenis Cespedes, Asdrubal Cabrera, Juan Lagares, Jose Reyes, Wilmer Flores, T.J. Rivera, David Wright, and even former Mets Neil Walker and Lucas Duda, have ended up on the disabled list this season.

There is something wrong with the training staff. It’s time to stop with the excuses, and focus on the facts. The majority of this team has spent time on the disabled list this season, and that’s not normal. There’s no shot this can all be coincidence, and this Conforto injury helps show that.

Sure, Terry Collins said that Conforto had this injury before. And apparently once you’ve had that type of injury, it’s more likely to reoccur. But from swinging a bat? What he’s done for years since the injury? And of all seasons it’s the season to happen? Seems like a lot of coincidences. And it should fall on the training staff.

Whatever they’re doing is not working, and is actually harming the team. The warm-ups, practice, and all training in general is clearly not a good routine. And it needs to be changed. There needs to be a change made.

Plus, Conforto was out of Tuesday night’s lineup as well, due to a sore thumb. No, this has nothing to do with his shoulder. But, we were first told that there was a wrist issue. It wasn’t. So, the question now is was Conforto rushed back out there? And if so, could overcompensation have led to this new injury? Regardless, it’s not okay in the slightest. And something needs to be done.

Noah Syndergaard and Cespedes have already stated they’re switching up their training regiment. This is a start, but the team needs to do something. They need to put the health of their players first, and look into this issue. Because it’s not a coincidence.

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If this Conforto injury doesn’t open up the organization’s eyes to the harm that their training staff is doing to their players, then there’s truly no hope.