Mets players will wear fun, nickname jerseys for Players Weekend

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JULY 19: Jacob deGrom
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JULY 19: Jacob deGrom /

In an effort to let players showcase their personalities on the field, MLB will be celebrating Players Weekend August 25-27, with the Mets of course included

Players will be allowed to wear jerseys with their nickname of choice on the back, and the results are amazing and absurd.

The Mets, and every other team around MLB, will be rocking some unique uniforms. Here is a look at the Little League-style uniform they’ll be wearing:

The Mets uniform for this special weekend is pretty sweet. The bright orange cap matches the sleeves nicely, and unlike the team that will be donning them, the uniforms will look sharp on the field.

Some of the uniforms that will be worn around the league for Players Weekend are, well, insane. For a lot of teams — including the Dodgers, Astros, and Marlins — there seems to be a lot of fluorescent blue in unnecessary places.

Even more exciting than these interesting uniforms is the players getting to choose their own nicknames on the back. Here are most of the Mets nicknames we will be seeing during Players Weekend:

Some of these nicknames are standard. La Potencia, Thor, Scooter, and Grandyman are all already part of any Mets fan’s vocabulary. However, some of these Mets nicknames are delightfully absurd.

First and foremost, am I missing something about David Wright? Have I somehow watched his entire career without realizing his nickname is D-Dub? Have I always been incorrect to call him D-Wright? What about Captain America? I have so many questions.

Next up is Jacob deGrom. Is there anything more Jacob deGrom than his nickname just being Jake? He has spent his entire career as a dominant starter in the shadow of his own teammates, so a bland nickname seems appropriate for deGrom.

The three best nicknames on the Mets, without a doubt, belong to Josh Smoker, Travis d’Arnaud, and T.J. Rivera. From now on, I will exclusively be referring to these three players as Brown Bear, Lil’ D, and T-Butta.

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The Mets will be in Washington, D.C. for Players Weekend, taking on the Nationals in a four-game series. Here is a look at the jerseys and nicknames the Nats will be rocking for Players Weekend.

Slight absurdity aside, this is a really cool idea by MLB, and an interesting way to generate some buzz for the sport and let players showcase their personalities.