Mets: Curtis Granderson gives We Follow Lucas Duda password to Rays

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 21: Lucas Duda (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 21: Lucas Duda (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The biggest trade has now happened: Curtis Granderson has officially come to terms with the Tampa Bay Rays for the We Follow Lucas Duda instagram password

Alright, fine, I’m being a bit dramatic by saying “biggest trade.” But let’s just have some fun, and that’s what this all is — fun. Granderson was contacted by the Rays, who wanted the password to keep the instagram account alive. Granderson posted on social media about this, asking Mets fans what we want in exchange for the password.

Obviously a lot of people answered saying that the Rays should make a donation to Granderson’s Grand Kids Foundation. One GOAT response said “their training staff,” which no one can deny.

Well, terms have now been reached, and a trade has been made. According to Granderson’s post on his personal instagram account, the “deal includes a Sting Ray in the Ray Touch Pool to be named later” and “a donation of Rays tickets to a community group of Duda’s choosing.” Granderson obviously hopes that donation would be to Grand Kids in the Tampa Bay Area.

Oh, and Granderson still has some “undisclosed rights” to the account. Which is just fantastic — I don’t even need to know what these rights are to know that allowing Granderson to still have some (unknown) control over the account is phenomenal. In his words, “Duda can run to the Sunshine State, but he can’t hide!”

In the couple of day interim while trade talks were happening, a fellow new Ray Sergio Romo took it upon himself to continue following Duda from his personal instagram. It was not too shabby for a first try. If you haven’t seen it already, highlights include Duda going “I can’t escape it” and Romo going “Curtis where you at?”

Duda was traded to the Tampa Bay Rays on Thursday for pitching prospect Drew Smith. Duda, who was an underappreciated Met (no, you can’t deny that), had an outpouring of love on social media upon his departure… and has homered so far in his two games with the Rays.

I’m sure Mets fans are going to continue to follow the We Follow Lucas Duda instagram account, regardless of him no longer being on the team. Plus, with these unknown rights Granderson has to the account, who knows what will happen. No one will put it past him to make an effort to actually go and find Duda.

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In the meantime, while we wait for our first new instagram post, relive some of Duda’s greatest moments in the blue and orange.