Mets players did not reach out to Bartolo Colon, which affected his decision

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Well, the truth has come out as to why Bartolo Colon did not decide to come back to the Mets

No one reached out to him. That’s right, no current Mets player reached out to him. I’m personally quite surprised to hear this as we all know how Noah Syndergaard was quite outspoken about his love for Colon. Remember that time he bought his entire family Big Sexy shirts? Or tweeted out about how the Braves were trolling the Mets with a Colon bobblehead?

But nope. No Mets reached out to Colon urging him to come back to the team. And Colon was surprised over this, and clearly upset about it as well.

My friend Ursula at FBWG Podcast had quite the theory as to why Syndergaard didn’t reach out:

Seriously though. What’s the reason? It makes no sense that no one from the Mets would reach out to Colon, especially as there were many players who were outspoken about their love for Big Sexy.

Colon realized how weird this was. And it had quite the affect on his decision, as another player did reach out to Colon — Ervin Santana.

Colon’s decision to sign with the Twins is starting to make a bit more sense, isn’t it now?

Colon has come out publicly saying all of this:

"“I [was] surprised. I have a lot of friends with the Mets, and none of the players called me to see if I could come back with the Mets.”“The only reason that I [chose] the Twins was because of Santana. He’s a close friend, best I have on the team. He talked to [me], and convinced me to go to the Twins.”"

The power of friendship guys. And the power of reaching out to people.

Does the fact that as of right now the Twins are in much better playoff standing than the Mets help as well? Maybe, even despite the “only reason” comment above. But still, that’s not what Colon is speaking out about or will admit. He’s speaking out about how no one from his former team reached out to him to come back. And that’s gotta sting. Yeah, yeah, I know, suck it up. It’s a business, blah blah blah.

But, someone did reach out to Colon. And it wasn’t a Mets players. It was a Twins pitcher, and that clearly meant a lot to the 44-year-old.

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Sandy Alderson had said that the organization had made a strong effort to re-sign Colon. Well, evidently the players did not get that memo.