Mets fans caption Michael Conforto ASG gif

MIAMI, FL - JULY 11: Michael Conforto
MIAMI, FL - JULY 11: Michael Conforto /

Michael Conforto was the lone representative for the Mets in the All-Star game

Are we proud of our All-Star? Of course we are. For a kid that was not even supposed to be on the Opening Day roster, to not even being on the All-Star ballot, to making it to the big game, what’s there not to be proud of? Plus, the kid played great, showing off his skills both offensively and defensively. No, he wasn’t perfect, but his performance is definitely still something to be proud of.

Conforto had a little fun while out in left field, and obviously it was caught on camera, and then turned into a gif. We asked our Twitter followers to caption it. And of course, once again, #MetsTwitter did not fail.

To no one’s surprise, there was quite a lot of Terry Collins references. #FreeConforto will never be forgotten, and still does live.

Of course to bounce off of these tweets, there were also (necessary) captions regarding Conforto’s playing time so far this season. Hopefully this will change as we enter the second half, but for now…

Then there were some fun responses as well, that had nothing to do with baseball, but were just about having a good time:

And then we were right back to baseball again:

Is anyone surprised by these responses? Nope. Not only are they quite humorous, but they’re very much quite valid as well. Now we can only hope that we will see Conforto in the lineup on Friday, and it’s sad that that’s not an automatic guarantee. But, we know for sure that if  he’s not in the lineup, we’ll all be reacting the same way on Twitter, just like above.

At least we all can still have a laugh, right fellow Mets fans?

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The National League ended up losing in the All-Star game once again, but we’re still proud to have had Conforto representing the Mets, and proud of his performance out there. Let’s hope that his second half of the season is as strong as his first half, and that we see him out there playing more from now until the end.