Mets Season Preview: What can we expect from David Wright this season?

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With Mets Opening Day less than a month away, it’s time for Rising Apple’s season preview. Our staff will be weighing in on one topic each day as we tick off the final days to April 3.

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JT. Teran, Editor

When talking about David Wright, we all have to realize that the odds are actually against him at this point. Injuries have taken a serious toll on his body, and frankly, the only reason there’s still a chance he makes a comeback is simply because he is one of the greatest workers in the majors.

Wright was feeling pretty good coming into Spring Training. He had been rehabbing well from the surgery he had to address the herniated disc in his neck, so we were all allowing ourselves to be a little optimistic going into February.

Unfortunately after playing catch, and getting a chance to DH in a game, Wright’s shoulder now became the issue. His diagnosed impingement was suppose to set him back two weeks. After finding a second opinion, Wright’s throwing program was completely shut down with no timetable set for its restart. The Mets didn’t specify why we went from two weeks to indefinitely, but it’s clear something just isn’t right.

While it hasn’t been announced or suggested officially, no one can expect Wright will be ready for Opening Day. By that same logic, until we get an update from the Mets or Wright about his condition, it’s impossible to expect him to play at all.

Even if his issue is just throwing, and can still swing a bat, the National League’s lack of a designated hitter forces Wright to play the field if he wants to be in the lineup. If he can’t throw, he’s just not going to play.

For this, and his other health issues — which at any point in time cause him to be unable to play — I don’t think we can expect much, if anything, from Wright.

I doubt he’ll play for the Mets this season at all, and the word retirement will float around even more when that happens. It’s not fair, and the Captain deserves a better way to go out, but unfortunately, baseball, like life, is totally unfair.

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