Matt Harvey Has a Partially Torn UCL


UPDATE, 4:35 PM:

A few moments ago, Sandy Alderson, Terry Collins, and Matt Harvey each took turns addressing the media at Citi Field.  Here’s the gist of what they had to say, followed by some brief thoughts from me…


"Over the next 2 or 3 weeks…the ultimate treatment will be determined.There is some swelling…in the next week to 10 days, there’ll be an opportunity for maybe a clearer image…The determination (re: surgery) will be made by Matt himself.  It’s conceivable that no surgery will be necessary.Team first became aware of forearm issue some time ago, and there were other issues as well over the course of the season…(there was routine) preventive forearm treatment since spring training.  After his most recent start against Detroit, the pain in the forearm was a little more severe than it had beenFrom a patient point of view & a medical point of view, the conservative approach is always best (re: avoiding surgery).  We’re all aware of what a delay (if surgery is needed) might cause…Matt will be making a determination in conjunction with us.This injury isn’t a function of a specific incident or overuse, it’s an anatomical fact of life that these things happen."


"After the game Saturday, he told the trainers it was more discomfort than normal, and that’s what sent the red flag flying.This is an injury that can be fixed and they can come back as good as new…Dan [Warthen] and I talked today about numerous guys that have had a similar thing…there have been people who have pitched with this."


"It was tough (getting the news). It was the last thing I was expecting when I went in this morning.This last start was a little more uncomfortable than normal…was hoping for stiffness, and it turned out to be something else…If you ask any pitcher, they’ve probably had discomfort in their forearm. For me, it’s something I felt I could pitch through.That specific day (Saturday) it was a little more achy than normal…it didn’t get worse, it was continuously the same.The last thing anybody wants to do is have surgery if you don’t have to…this kind of injury usually leads to having the surgery…I’m gonna prepare to the best of my ability and get ready for next season.Throwing a baseball is kind of an unnatural movement as it is.Every time you pick up a baseball you’re always at risk for anything."


I’m not a mind reader and I can’t tell the future.  Therefore, I won’t make any predictions or proclamations based on the body language of either Sandy Alderson or Matt Harvey.

Here’s what we know:  Matt Harvey has a partially torn UCL.  His season, according to Alderson, is over.  He’ll rest, wait for the swelling in his elbow/forearm to go down, and be re-examined.  Some time after that (no one would give a definitive timetable), the team and Harvey will jointly decide whether or not he’ll have surgery.

According to Alderson and Harvey, he had been dealing with some discomfort, and has been receiving what Alderson termed “routine, preventive” treatment since Spring Training.  There are those who will jump to conclusions and state that the Mets are to blame here.  However, as Harvey said, all pitchers pitch through some form of discomfort.  There’s nothing at this point to indicate Harvey’s injury is anything other than a random occurrence.  Pitchers break.  It sucks, but it happens.

For now, we’ll wait to see what Harvey and the team decide over the next few weeks.  If Harvey elects to proceed without surgery, he’ll begin a combination of strengthening and stretching.  If Harvey elects to have the surgery, we’ll get a timetable at that point regarding how long the recovery process is expected to be.

As far as the ramifications this may have on the team…that’s for another article.  Get well soon, Matt.

UPDATE, 3:40 PM:

According to WFAN’s Mike Francesa, and since confirmed by a few of the team’s beat reporters, Matt Harvey has a partially torn UCL in his pitching elbow.  He has been placed on the disabled list.  He will rest for now, and Tommy John Surgery is a possibility.

Will Carroll, who is one of the most informed sources re: baseball related injuries, noted on twitter that if a UCL is 33 percent torn or greater, the recommendation is ordinarily for Tommy John Surgery.


According to a tweet from Marc Carig, citing a source, starting pitcher Matt Harvey had an MRI this morning at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan.

Carig is so far the only reporter with this story, and noted in his tweet that there would be “details forthcoming.”

In a second tweet, Carig wrote the following:

August 24, 2013; Flushing,NY,USA; New York Mets starting pitcher Matt Harvey (33) delivers a pitch against the Detroit Tigers at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

SNY will be carrying Terry Collins’ news conference live at 4PM.  I hate to read the tea leaves here and make guesses, but I’d be far more concerned if this was a news conference being led by Sandy Alderson.

According to Andy Martino, citing a source, Harvey has been experiencing soreness in his “forearm area.”

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