R.A. Dickey Book Signing at Yogi Berra Museum


Can’t get enough of MLB’s last knuckleballer? Well, if you want to meet R.A. Dickey and get a copy of his memoir, Wherever I Wind Up, then you’re in luck. The MLB leader in wins will be at the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center on June 21st from 6-7:30pm. The museum is on the campus of Montclair State University, located in northern New Jersey. If you don’t know Dickey’s story through professional baseball, this book is a must read, and once again shows us that he’s one of the coolest dudes around.

In this book, Dickey goes through all of the trials and tribulations that he experienced throughout his life that eventually led to where he is now. He speaks about the problems he had with his family and the abuse he experienced throughout his childhood years. Many don’t know much about Dickey’s career before he joined the Mets, but the 37-year-old has only been throwing the knuckleball for only about five years now. When he was the top draft pick of the Texas Rangers, he was a power pitcher with a mid-90s fastball. It was a

routine physical that ended up being the beginning of what was a much longer trip through the minor leagues than Dickey ever imagined. Texas doctors discovered that R.A. was born without the unlar collateral ligament in his throwing arm.

So, that discovery denied the right-hander the signing bonus that a player picked in his draft spot would have received and instead of being a highly touted prospect, he ended up being an after thought in eyes of many scouts. It took him 14 years to get to the Major Leagues, but he has made the most of his second chance in the game of baseball, using his knuckleball to elevate himself to a degree of notoriety and stardom that he had never seen as a professional baseball player. The best part about R.A. Dickey is that he is the exact same person; judging from the insights in his book about various subjects, whether it be the childhood abuse he experienced in his younger years or Jose Reyes leaving the Mets, it’s safe to assume that he is one of the most intellectual ballplayers in the league, especially since it’s clear he enjoys being intellectually stimulated.

Why should you go to this book signing and meet R.A. Dickey? He’s genuinely interested in meeting those who are his fans and wants to hear what they think about his knuckleball or the book. Before he went to a random park in New York City with the MLB Fancave and invited people to come out and show him their best wiffle ball pitch, I had a lot of respect for him because I knew what he went to get through to get to where he is today. However, after watching the three-minute video posted by the Fancave, you could see how legitimately interested he was in everyone he came into contact with. Someone threw a pitch he thought was cool and asked them to teach it to him. Could you imagine a Major League pitcher asking you how to throw a particular pitch? That would blow my mind and it did the same to the guy he asked. I would want to go to this book signing because I feel that Dickey would ask you what you think of the book and actually be interested to what your answer is.

If you haven’t read up on Wherever I Wind Up, you should because it has gotten some rave reviews. Sports Illustrated said that Dickey’s memoir is the best nonfiction baseball book since Ball Four. What makes this book a must-read? We have all been at certain spots in our life where we felt that there was no way we could reach the dream that we have envisioned because extrinsic factors get in the way. R.A. Dickey is a true testament of what happens when someone is determined to find success in whatever their passion is.

In order to get a book signed, attendees must purchase a copy of Dickey’s book through the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center. He will pose for pictures with those in attendance, but will not be signing any other memorabilia. To order your copy of Wherever I Wind Up and secure a spot to meet the last knuckleballer in the Major Leagues, call the Museum at (973) 655-2378. If you plan on attending, please let us know and tell us about how your experience was, we’d love to hear about it!